Experiment set BASIC BIOLOGY


The basic set

The basic set contains apparatus that is needed for a variety of different experiments. This avoids having to purchase items more than once. This case can be stacked on top of topic-specific cases while performing the experiments so that the table remains free for experimenting and making notes. The apparatus is clearly arranged and ready for immediate use.

The digital thermometer is equipped with a 12cm-long sensor and can measure temperatures ranging from -50°C to +300°C in one-second intervals and accurate to one tenth of a degree.

The specially designed test tube racks are made of anodized aluminium and their centre of gravity is so low that it is practically impossible to knock them over. The rack can hold five normal, one large and two small test tubes. It is easy to clean and extremely resistant to heat.

The basic set is needed for specific EAR and PHYSIOLOGY experiments, too.


01.01.10 Storage case

31.02.00 Inlay with cut-outs for apparatus, BB

24.03.00 Glass beaker, 25 ml BORO

20.04.00 2 Universal clamps

21.04.00 2 Glass beakers, 250 ml BORO

31.05.00 Glass beaker, 100 ml BORO

21.07.00 Glass funnel

20.08.00 Straight, blunt-ended tweezers

21.08.10 2 Test tubes, 12 x 100 mm BORO

21.08.20 4 Test tubes, 16 x 160 mm BORO

20.09.00 Lab knife

20.10.00 Test tube rack, wood

31.11.00 Chemical spatula

20.13.00 Digital thermometer C (- 50°/+300°C)

30.13.00 Microscope scissors

01.14.00 Measuring cylinder, 50 ml

20.15.30 2 Rubber stoppers, 14/18

21.16.00 Test tube rack, aluminium

20.18.00 2 Pipettes with bulb

01.19.00 Measuring tape, 2 m