Rubrik: Primary school

Without a lot of overhead

Of the many ways to inspire children and teenagers about sciences, the one that is undoubtedly most effective is the one in which young people can experiment themselves. The question is whether this is possible without additional effort and time for the teacher, especially since the experimenting should take place during class and with the whole class.

With the MEKRUPHY system the effort for student experiments can not only be minimized, but can even be generously compensated for in other areas.

The components

The great efficiency of the MEKRUPHY system is based on the synergy of four distinctive factors:

  • high quality of the equipment,
  • fixed study group,
  • elaborate experiment literature,
  • production in Germany.

Language development

Recent studies have shown that scientific experimentation in primary school age has a significant influence on language development. Collaborative experimentation naturally leads to verbalising experimental procedures and observations. This is of great importance not only for children with a migration background.

The study groups

Ideally, the groups consist of two students each and remain the same for all experiments throughout the school year. Each group is assigned a number and listed, and always works with the experiment set of the same number. Thus, they are responsible for “their” set. The teacher personally hands out and collects the experimental sets. In addition to experiments in pairs, experiments with the whole class are also provided.

Made in Germany

The production of MEKRUPHY equipment in Germany guarantees high quality and environmental standards as well as reliable replacement of individual parts.