Experiment set PRIMARY SCHOOL 3 (Soil / Food / Energy)


Explore the environment

With this experiment set, students will discover a wide range of topics: soil, water, nutrients and renewable forms of energy. The focus is on the following questions: 

  • What are the dangers of deforestation?
  • How does the water permeability of soil work?
  • How can polluted water be gradually purified? 
  • How can starch, protein, and fat be detected in food?

Renewable energy

For children, it is always a revelation to observe how a falling block of aluminium can cause a lamp to light up. It is no less fascinating to see how the movement of air, water, light or heat can each give rise to an electric current. Use of renewable energy sources which do not cause pollution awakens students’ own consciousness of the environment.  

Using the storage case as a water trough

In this experiment set, the inlay with the apparatus cut-outs can be taken out by its handles so that the empty case can be used as a water trough.


01.01.10  Storage case

43.02.00  Inlay with cut-outs for apparatus, G3

43.03.00  Burette

43.04.00  Solar module

11.05.00  PELTIER module

43.06.00  2 Plastic beakers, 100 ml

43.07.00  Bosshead clamp, G3

43.08.00  Curved plastic plate

43.09.00  Curved wire mesh

43.10.00  Waterwheel kit in box

31.11.00  Chemical spatula

43.12.00  Light bulb module

11.13.00  Rod with M5 thread, long

43.13.00  Rod with M5 thread, short

43.14.00  Plastic funnel, G3

11.15.00  Generator with holder

43.16.00  LED module

43.17.00  Stand rod, G3

43.18.00  Motor with propeller

24.18.10  Pair of petri dishes, 60 mm diam.

17.19.00  Stand clamp

11.21.00  Drive pulley in box

43.21.00  Coupling

06.24.10  Experiment lead, 25 cm, red

06.24.20  Experiment lead, 25 cm, blue

11.24.00  Ice bucket

11.25.00  Aluminium cube with hook 11.26.00  Screwdriver, EN

Additionally required:

00.41.20  Rechargeable power pack, 12V

00.41.30  Air blower

00.43.10 Pipette flask, 50 ml


P3-1:   Where does the water go?

P3-2:   What stops the hillside moving?

P3-3:   Where does the salt go?

P3-4:   How much sugar can I put in my tea?

P3-5:   Do all solid materials dissolve in water?

P3-6:   How can contaminated water  be purified?

P3-7:   Is it possible to get salt back from salt water?

P3-8:   Once mixed together, then inseparable for ever more?

P3-9:   What’s that stain in my book?

P3-10: What sort of food makes you strong?

P3-11: How can you show that food contains protein?

P3-12: How does a generator work?

P3-13: What needs to be done to make a waterwheel turn faster?

P3-14: How can you make electricity from the wind?

P3-15: Can a generator also function as an electric motor?

P3-16: Energy from the sun – how is it done?

P3-17: Can an ice cube drive an engine?