Teaching materials in Ukrainian language

An end to the war in Ukraine is not in sight: Many refugees must prepare to stay in Germany for a longer period of time. 40 percent of the approximately 750,000 people from Ukraine registered here are children. They have to try to orient themselves as quickly as possible, make friends, and find connections – in their free time as well as in school.

Because starting in a foreign country is not easy: Above all, a lack of language skills makes rapid integration difficult, even though the willingness to help in the host country is great. For municipalities, this is a major challenge: schools and kindergartens must help children and young people with integration while managing their daily lives.

Educators and teachers try to facilitate the entry despite the limited staff, with additional small groups and welcome classes – and it is a great help to them if they receive support from refugee colleagues from Ukraine. Shared sports, music, but also joint experiments motivate, create a sense of accomplishment and community, and help young people with language acquisition. MEKRUPHY GmbH is also making its contribution and has had part of its experiment literature translated into Ukrainian by native speakers. In addition, almost all work and student books are also available in Russian.