Rubrik: Electrics / Electronics

Elektric – in eight independent experiment sets

Eight independent experimental sets cover almost all relevant areas of electricity from lower grades to high school, with few exceptions such as the motion of charged particles in electric and magnetic fields, and X-ray radiation, which cannot be studied in student experiments.

Electromagnetic wave phenomena are included in the analog experiments using ultrasound in the WAVE experimental set due to cost constraints.

Two approaches to the topic: Circuit and Charges/Magnetism/Induction

The MEKRUPHY experiment set ELECTRICITY 1 (E1) introduces the understanding of electricity through a transparent circuit, while E2 includes fascinating, mostly short experiments on topics such as magnetism, charge, induction, electro-generator, electro-motor, and transformer laws. The E2+ set contains additional experiments compared to E2.

Specific resistances and Lorentz force in focus

ELECTRICITY 3 investigates the specific electrical resistance of different materials, including the Wheatstone bridge and the four-wire measurement method in student experiments. The experimental set ELECTRICITY 4 focuses on the different parameters of the Lorentz force and their interaction.

Measurement data acquisition instead of a traditional oscilloscope

Together with the data logger handheld device MGA, the experimental set ELECTRICITY 5 enables visualization on the display in color-coded graphs and measurement data recording in tables.

Electric fields – detection of equipotential lines

In a waterproof tray with a printed coordinate system, students investigate the fields of different electrode combinations (ELECTRICITY 6).

Two student experimental sets on electronics

The MEKRUPHY experiment kit ELECTRICITY 7 explores the basics of electronics on a transparent base plate. ELECTRICITY 8 expands the experimental possibilities with various boards in DC and AC circuits, including the Meissner circuit.

Measuring instruments and power supply

For the MEKRUPHY student experiments on ELECTRICITY, we have developed student-friendly low-voltage power supplies and an easy-to-use analog multi-meter.