Physics Student workbooks / Teacher handbooks

Student workbooks

MEKRUPHY student workbooks and teacher handbooks have been written by experienced physics teachers, the student’s books have been tested in numerous schools and continually improved over many years. The instructions they contain mean that the student groups can work entirely on their own, which effectively saves work for their teachers. The text is easy to understand, set out in an understandable way and structured in a neat, methodical manner. The experiments are organised in sequence in such a way that students can progress to increasingly advanced experiments and bring ever more of their own initiative and creativity to bear. This means not only that students’ experimenting skills are honed step by step, but also their assurance with the laws and methods of physics. Both student’s books and teacher booklets are available in German and English, making bi-lingual lessons possible. The student workbooks are also available in digital form.

Teacher handbooks

For each of the student booklets there are accompanying teacher handbooks. They contain background information, execution tips, answers and solutions to the questions posed in the student’s books themselves, along with the expected experiment results.