Rubrik: Millikan Exerpiment / Thomson Experiment

Physics of the electron

Millikan experiment and Thomson experiment as compact devices

The following two historical experiments significantly contributed to the fundamental understanding of the physics of the electron:

  • the determination of the elementary charge e and
  • the ratio of charge to the mass of the electron e/m, i.e. the specific elementary charge.

    Therefore, these two experiments are still considered “classics” in upper-level physics today.

    However, what previously required several separate apparatuses and elaborate setups is now effortlessly practicable in student experiments thanks to intelligently designed compact devices. Modern sensor technology, which Robert A. Millikan and Joseph J. Thomson could only dream of during their groundbreaking discoveries, enables the determination of important parameters effortlessly in the background.

    Our student-friendly, easy-to-use devices allow for very precise measurements. This makes the MILLIKAN experiment and the THOMSON experiment, which were previously reserved for demonstration classes, finally available and affordable for students.

    The photoelectric effect also belongs to this area of ​​study → experiment set DETERMINING PLANCK’S CONSTANT h .