Experiment set MILLIKAN Experiment


Determination of the elementary charge e

The compact experimental setup of the MILLIKAN-Experiment experiment set includes an experimental chamber (plate capacitor, high-intensity, homogeneous LED illumination, continuous pressure and temperature measurement via sensors) with a hood and oil sprayer, measuring microscope, function switch, and touch display. In the student experiment, the rise and fall time of a charged oil droplet can be precisely determined at an adjustable voltage. Temperature, viscosity, and pressure are automatically displayed on the touchscreen.

The power supply is provided by the included 12 VAC plug-in power supply or by a student low-voltage power supply.

Device characteristics:

  • Compact device with integrated measuring unit, high-intensity illumination and automatic display
  • Easy operation via touchscreen and function switch
  • Large field of view and homogeneous illumination through indirect irradiation with two LEDs
  • Integrated sensors for the automatic determination of relevant parameters such as temperature, viscosity, and pressure.

72.01.00 Base unit including hood

72.02.00 Measuring microscope with screw holder

72.03.00 Oil sprayer with hose

72.04.00 Special oil in a bottle

57.02.00 Plug-in power supply 12 VAC


Topics (for high school and university)

  • Millikan experiment
  • Charge carriers in a homogeneous electric field
  • Determination of the elementary charge
  • Stokes friction, weight, and buoyancy
  • Floating potential
  • Sinking and rising speed