Rubrik: Physics


MEKRUPHY sets have not simply been created on a blank drawing board. Each one of them has been developed from actual lessons. They have been tested out for several years at numerous schools and have undergone continuous improvement. Nowadays, the tried and trusted systems are recognised as top-quality products throughout the world.

With these experiment sets, lessons can be upgraded, content conveyed clearly and the effort for experiments reduced. The extraordinary effectiveness of the MEKRUPHY system derives from the interaction of four characteristic factors:

  • The high quality of the equipment
  • The fixed work groups
  • The sophisticated experiment documentation
  • The materials ‘Made in Germany’


Groups usually consist of two students. The groups should remain the same for all the experiments to be performed throughout the school year. Each group is allocated a number from a list and will always work with the equipment set which bears the same number. This allows the students to take full personal responsibility for “their own” sets.

Since workgroups always experiment with the equipment from the same set, they can utilise measurement results from experiments performed previously.

Equipment sets

MEKRUPHY experiment sets are made up of light, but tough storage cases.

  • They contain all the equipment needed for experiments on an entire topic area; with the exception of the universal track, power supplies, measuring instruments and the MGA,
  • all this equipment is small enough to easily fit into any cupboard and be set up on any bench or table.

High quality instead of low cost

The MEKRUPHY systems provide students with high-quality experiment apparatus which allows for highly accurate results to be obtained. This is the only way to make them feel like “experiment participants within a lesson”, where they are taken seriously and given responsibility. Only by such means can the scientific goal of the experiments be brought over credibly.

Everything in its place

The inlays in the cases are made of high-quality, extremely resilient and attractive looking polyurethane, in which every piece of equipment has its own specially shaped cut-out recess. This in itself naturally encourages students from the outset to put things back where they are supposed to be and makes it easier for teachers to keep an eye on things.

No special stand accessories needed

The storage case itself acts as a stand base into which the stand rods provided can be screwed as necessary.

Made in Germany

More than 95% of all MEKRUPHY equipment is engineered and produced in Germany. Every item is characterised by the use of outstanding materials, by high precision, very long lifespan and the capability to obtain highly accurate results. The fact that MEKRUPHY apparatus are manufactured in Germany not only ensures that they are made to the highest environmental and quality standards, but also that purchasing individual parts or replacements is simple and straightforward.