Experiment set MECHANICS 2


Force, the key physical variable

With this experiment set, students can investigate force from a wide variety of viewpoints. The highlight will be the resolution of forces:

  • The vertical set-up ensures that the requirements for safe experimenting are fulfilled
  • The triangle of threads makes reading angles easy and accurate
  • The swivel-mounted force gauge holders automatically pivot to the precise angle in which the force is acting and can then be fixed in that position

This is an experimenting method which meets the highest demands and the results are subsequently used for the inclined plane experiment. The other experiments, though, also ensure ease of use and high degrees of accuracy.

Two force gauges and universal track

  • The two force gauges not only mean that highly accurate results can be obtained for the resolution of forces, but they also make experiments with pulleys much more interesting, since they allow the pulling force and the force on the hook to be measured simultaneously
  • The track is used as an inclined plane and the sliding surface for friction experiments. It is also employed as a stand. It is not included with the set since it is also used by other experiment sets.


01.01.10  Storage case

02.02.00  Inlay with cut-outs for apparatus, M2

02.03.00  Pulley with hook

02.04.00  2 Triple pulleys

02.05.00  Friction block

02.06.00  2 Bosshead clamps, M2

02.07.00  Cord, 50 cm, in box

02.08.00  Triangle of threads in box

02.09.00  Cord, 240 cm, in box

02.10.00  Rod coupling, M2

02.11.00  Dynamics trolley, M2

02.12.10  Threaded rod with hook

02.12.20  Knurled screw, black, M2

01.13.00  Mounting pin

02.14.00  Weight holder, M2

02.15.00  2 Force gauge holders

01.16.00  2 Force gauges, 2 N

01.18.00  4 Stand rods, 29 cm

01.19.00  Measuring tapes, 2 m

02.20.00  4 Weights, 50 g, with slot

02.21.00  4 Weights, 10 g, with slot

02.22.00  Spring bumper, M2

02.23.00  2 Riders with screw

Zusätzlich erforderlich:

00.02.10  Universal track


M2-1:   The law of inertia

M2-2:   Using the law of inertia

M2-3:   Action and reaction

M2-4:   The force of friction

M2-5:   Force on a rope

M2-6:   Forces on a fixed pulley

M2-7:   Forces on a loose pulley

M2-8:   Forces on a block and tackle

M2-9:   Resolution of forces

M2-10: Forces on an inclined plane 1

M2-11: Forces on an inclined plane 2

M2-12: Efficiency

M2-13: Conversion of mechanical energy