Experiment set MECHANICS 4


BOYLEs law and GAY-LUSSACs law in an experiment carried out by student themselves

Experiments on Boyle’s law and Gay-Lussac’s law can be carried out with such high precision and such astonishing simplicity by students themselves. This fact alone makes it worth buying this set. However the experiments on pressure at depth, on buoyancy and on hydraulic presses are also extremely impressive and fascinating.

The two glass piston probes with their ground glass heads ensure measurement results of enormous accuracy. The glass components are stored in the shaped cut-aways in the case inlay and should be put back there immediately after they have been used and cleaned. In contrast to expectations, years of experience have shown that this way of letting students themselves do the experiments actually leads less often to broken glass than with teachers demonstrating them.

Keeping your workplace dry

The storage case, which is 11 cm tall and into which stand rods can be screwed as needed, also serves as a watertight trough. This means that the workbench stays dry for all the experiments involving water. Even with the Artesian well fountain, everything outside the case remains dry. The case itself can easily be emptied after the experiment and dried using paper towels.


01.01.10  Storage case

51.02.00  Inlay with cut-outs for apparatus, M4

11.03.00  Digital thermometer ,EN (-40°/+70°C)

01.04.00  Plastic beaker, 250 ml

20.04.00  2 Universal clamps

02.06.00  2 Bosshead clamps, M2

21.07.00  Glass funnel

01.08.00  Steel cylinder, M1

21.08.10  Test tube, 12 x 100 mm

51.08.00  Glass tube, 250 mm

51.09.00  Piston probe, 10 ml

51.10.00  Piston probe, 20 ml

41.10.00  Plastic beaker, 50 ml

51.11.00  Piston head A

51.12.00  Piston head B

23.13.20  2 One-way valves

51.13.00  Silicon tube, 7 mm diam. x 250 mm

51.14.00  Plastic tube with lock fitting

51.14.20  Adapter w/w

51.15.00  Perspex tube, M4

01.16.00  Force gauge, 2 N

43.17.00  Stand rod, P3

51.17.00  Cord, 40 cm, in box

20.18.00  Pipette with bulb

01.19.00  Measuring tape, 2 m

02.20.00  4 Weights, 50 g, with slot

02.21.00  5 Weights, 10 g, with slot

51.22.00  Plastic plate, round, M4

51.23.00  Container with screw cap, 10 ml

51.24.00  Pressure vessel,

M4 51.25.00  Manometer tube

Additionally required:

For the experiments marked with * , a set of scales are needed, e. g.

00.01.30  CB 1001


00.01.40  CB 501


M4-1:   Behaviour of liquids and gases under pressure

M4-2:   The aneroid manometer

M4-3:   Hydrostatic pressure

M4-4:   The cause of hydrostatic pressure

M4-5:   Connected vessels

M4-6:   The artesian well

M4-7:   Buoyancy

M4-8:   Buoyancy force and counterforce

M4-9:   Floating, hovering, sinking

M4-10: Determining density with the buoyancy method

M4-11: Circular area and diameter

M4-12: The hydraulic press*

M4-13: Effects of air pressure

M4-14: The Boyle-Mariotte law*

M4-15: The Gay-Lussac law

Additionally required:

For the experiments marked with * , a set of scales are needed, e. g.

00.01.30  CB 1001


00.01.40  CB 501