Experiment set MECHANICS 7


A student experiment on circular motion?

Until now experiments on centrifugal force could only be demonstrated by teachers, because there was no way of entirely eliminating the risk to students posed by rotating masses. The newly developed MECHANICS 7 experiment set from MEKRUPHY has finally dispensed with this limitation.

Rotation of the apparatus is only possible when a cover made of acrylic perspex, 4 mm thick, is securely closed. This is ensured with the help of micro-switches. By this means it is possible to make use of the equipment even at very high angular frequencies. The compact apparatus has one other benefit in that it is instantly ready to use, which eliminates the need for lengthy delays setting up an experiment.

High precision

The latest technology and highly responsive sensors ensure that highly accurate measurements can be made, leading to equally good results. During experiments, pairs of spheres, each equal in mass, rotate at angular velocities which can be adjusted over a continuous range. A large display measuring 64 x 47 mm in size and featuring touch-screen capability shows all the data directly. The information can then be further processed on a point-by-point basis. A plug-in power supply is included with the apparatus to provide the necessary electricity


57.01.00  Central power device

57.02.00  Plug power supply

57.03.00  Protective cover

57.04.10  2 Weights, 4 g

57.04.20  2 Weights, 7.5 g

57.04.30  2 Weights, 11 g


M7-1:   Centrifugal force and mass

M7-2:   Centrifugal force and radius

M7-3:   Centrifugal force and angular velocity