Experiment set MECHANICS 3 plus


New standards

With the newly developed digital timer and its accompanying light barriers MEKRUPHY GMBH is setting new standards for classical mechanics measurements, not only in the areas of kinematics and dynamics, but also for the topics of energy, momentum and mechanical oscillations. In particular, this new measuring method at last makes it possible for students to conduct satisfying experiments on the laws of collisions and the conservation of momentum.

Universal track

The track is used here both as a track and as a stand. It is not included with the set since it is also used by other experiment sets.

Differences from MECHANICS 3

The MECHANICS 3 plus experiment set differs from the standard MECHANICS 3 set in that it contains an additional dynamics trolley, a mounting peg and another flag, a roll of string plus razor blades with a safe grip. With this supplement used in conjunction with the MECHANICS 2 set, experiments on the conservation of momentum and the laws of elastic and inelastic collisions can be carried out astonishingly easily but still with high precision.

See also MECHANICS 5

Supplementary computer-based experiments on mechanics are provided by the MEKRUPHY experiment set MECHANICS 5


01.01.10  Storage case

03.02.50  Inlay with cut-outs for apparatus, M+

03.03.00  2 Photogates

03.04.00  Digital timer

03.05.50  2 Track supports, M3

03.06.00  Cord, 100 cm, in box

03.07.00  Balls in box

03.08.00  2 Flags

03.09.00  Coil spring, 3 N/m

03.10.00  Coil spring, 10 N/m

02.11.00  Dynamics trolley, M2

03.11.00  Pulley with rod

03.12.00  Rod with hook, 7 cm

41.12.30  Steel ball, 20 mm diam.

01.13.00  Mounting pin

03.13.00  Wooden pendulum bob

03.14.00  Steel pendulum bob

03.15.00  Drop plate

03.16.00  Pulley holder

03.17.00  Spool of thread

03.18.00  5 Razor blades with grip

03.19.00  Cord, 22.6 cm, in box

03.20.00  2 Riders for photogate

03.21.00  2 Holders for photogate

02.22.00  Spring bumper, M2

Additionally required:

02.00.00  Experiment set MECHANICS 2 

00.02.10  Universal track


M3-1:   How long is a second?

M3-2:   Personal reaction times

M3-3:   Frames of reference

M3-4:   Uniform motion

M3-5:   Instantaneous velocity

M3-6:   Uniformly accelerated motion

M3-7:   Free fall

M3-8:   Horizontal projectile launch

M3-9:   Force and acceleration

M3-10: Mass and acceleration

M3-11: Coil spring pendulums 1

M3-12: Coil spring pendulums 2

M3-13: String pendulums

M3-14: The law of conservation of energy in mechanics

M3-15: Kinetic energy

M3-16: Non-harmonic (irregular) oscillations

M3-17: The law of conservation of momentum

M3-18: Inelastic collisions

M3-19: Elastic collisions 1

M3-20: Elastic collisions 2