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Customer voices: Experiment sets Physics

The backbone of the lessons are the student experiment apparatus by MEKRUPHY, which serve all topics up to the senior classes. With this excellent equipment, the Physics department organises mandatory lessons that guarantee the best usage of the student experiment sets. We have all apparatus in sets of 12 which make study groups of 2 or 3 students possible.

Dr. Stefan Hoppenau, Gymnasium Buckhorn, 22367 Hamburg

Even our students who until now nearly caused me to suffer a nervous breakdown while experimenting suddenly produce usable measurement result that oddly enough coincide with physics. Thus one sadly has to dispel the old adage that goes “If it doesn’t work, it’s physics”. Until next time!

Torsten Retschlag, Ernst Schering Oberschule, 13187 Berlin

…students and teachers are excited, the Physics lessons got a new impulse. Clarity, order and limitation to the most important apparatus as well as their well thought out combination make them practical and ensure success.

Wolfgang Donath, Deutsche Schule Bogota, Kolumbien

Your sets are great. It is fun to work with them. Obviously also the students are more motivated when they can carry out experiments. Our senior class was able to determine h with more than 99% accuracy with your set for the determination of Planck’s constant. Everyone was very impressed by that.

Walter Wittrodt, Deutsche Schule Pretoria, Südafrika

First, we want to tell you how the foundation of the fan club came about: At the beginning of this year we got the Mekruphy Mechanics 2 booklet from our current president Mr M. Kahle. Right from the start we showed great interest in the experiments described in the MEKRUPHY booklet – it was actually great fun. You won’t believe us, our booklet brought us more and more joy and thus the lessons became much more interesting. Hence we got the idea to found the 1st MEKRUPHY fan club. We started out with five members and our president, Mr M. Kahle. Our fan club became more and more popular and we now have already 13 members. As you can see, our fan club gains recognition and attention.

1.Mekruphy Fanclub vom St. Anna-Gymnasium, St. Anna-Straße 20, 80538 München

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Customer voices: Experiment sets Chemistry

The usual question I am asked every morning: “Are we going to do an experiment again today?” clearly shows me that the students love nothing better than to work on their own – which addresses their need to be active. And now that we have the boxes, it also means only minimal effort for me, because they’ve got nearly everything in them that we need throughout the school year. These materials give us plenty of options, and they do so completely independently of any textbook.
Now that the chemistry/biology/physics group of disciplines plans to commence natural science studies from the 5th year of primary school, procurement of these materials has proven even more valuable than ever, because students gain the corresponding knowledge and skills by conducting experiments on their own. For that same reason, I also intend to order the electrochemistry boxes.

Madeleine Busch, Grafen-von-Zimmern-Realschule, 88605 Messkirch

In the summer of 2008, a representative of Mekruphy GmbH visited us. First off, the products presented were really impressive and of very good quality, and secondly, the representative also gave us some very interesting advice. He said we should write to the “Fonds der Chemischen Industrie” (Chemical Industry Fund) and request financial support. Much to our surprise, the application for support turned out to be very easy, and we were granted EUR 1,500. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude once again. With the funding, we ordered 8 Mekruphy chemistry exercise boxes, which are perfectly suited for conducting chemistry tests in small groups of students. That’s how we arrived at a complete set of new exercise boxes and a company contact that will be maintained in future, I’m sure. Moreover, we learned that the funding can be granted again in two years. For a secondary school with a very small budget otherwise, it’s a welcome means to enhance those resources. It enables us to bring part of our 36-year-old collection of materials up to current standards. We will be glad to introduce the boxes to any colleagues who would like to work with them.
Here’s hoping you have lots of fun with your experiments!

Jürgen Steinborn Peter Eisenberg Hauptschule Miesbach 83714 Miesbach

Thank you very much for the two workbooks. They are wonderful. Finally, some really well prepared material.

Mag. Andrea Pfeifer Musikgymnasium A-1070 Wien

The students are always very enthusiastic about the experiment boxes and look forward to every time they get to work with them. Teachers can check very quickly to see that everything has also been put away again and that nothing is missing, so the next teacher can get started with their students right away. … We’re really very pleased now that we went ahead and obtained your student experiment boxes, and we recommend them very highly. If other schools would like us to host guided tours, give presentations or answer questions for them, please feel free to contact us.

Andrea Zurawski Staatliche Realschule 91315 Höchstadt a.d.Aisch

From personal experience, I have been familiar with the MEKRUPHY experiment boxes for many years now. They are exceptionally well suited for simple and rapid use in chemistry class. I have yet to see a comparable system that keeps all of the required materials at the ready in an extremely compact space.

Gisela Bichlmaier Staatliche Realschule 85290 Geisenfeld

For the past year I have been working with the MEKRUPHY boxes (chemistry) in biology instruction at the orientation level and in the Wald AG / Wasser AG natural sciences consortium at the orientation level. I have only thoroughly positive experience to report.
The boxes contain a clearly arranged set of all of the work instruments required for the introductory instruction of experiments. Even after just a short introduction, young students become familiar with the equipment and can use the scientific method – the experiment – to test their problem solution hypotheses on their own within the context of a research-based development training course. With fascinating speed, students discover the possibilities that the equipment offers.
Moreover, the use of the boxes in the classroom has reduced my preparation time considerably (planning of possibly required equipment, provision of the equipment,…), because the students now have access to the basic equipment at all times, even during unplanned phases of experimentation.

Ute Buchbinder Städtisches Gymnasium 59192 Bergkamen

With growing enthusiasm and visible success, I have been working with MEKRUPHY’s chemistry boxes for more than two years now. Student experiments – even small ones – during classroom instruction used to mean a lot of extra time (before and after class) and even more stress for me. With these experimentation kits, I can even react to spontaneous ideas from the students now and let them look for experimental solutions with a large degree of autonomy. The students’ interest in chemistry has clearly increased as a result, and their performance has significantly improved.
Procurement of these materials is a must for every six-level intermediate school with a math-and-science section. They’re an enrichment for the students and a great help for the teacher.

Dorothea Niehoff-Mutzel Staatl. Realschule für Knaben 87425 Kempten

Your chemistry kits have passed a spectacular “endurance test” with flying colours. While one of them was being removed from the cabinet, the rubber feet caused a shelf to be pulled out and then all of the remaining boxes fell down onto the shelf below with a horrific crash. I expected to see considerable damage, but everything was fine. Thanks to the high-quality glass material, not a single component broke – the only thing that suffered was my nerves.

Peter Heinzerling Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium 30880 Laatzen

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Customer voices: Experiment sets Primary School

The Josef-Volksschule in Würzburg is equipped with fourteen “PRIMARY SCHOOL 2” experiment sets from the MEKRUPHY range. Our children really like working with these sets. The kids work effectively and have a lot of fun with them. The children learn more due to the fact that they can do the experiments right there in the classroom with their partners. This means they not only gain practical knowledge but by talking to each other the children also learn how to express themselves, which is especially good for many children from foreign backgrounds. We are hoping to be able to order fourteen “PRIMARY SCHOOL 1” experiment sets next.

Ute Kempf, Rektorin, Josef-Volksschule, Würzburg

I work with the GS 3 set and have had very good experiences with it. I use the set in primary schools and for events on the subject of “renewable energy”. Primary school teachers are very enthusiastic about it and I know some have ordered sets from you after doing projects with me.

Sabine Finger, SF report, Roßdorf

The children were delighted to work on their own and pick up their own scientific experience.

Nicole Rees, Volksschule der Franziskanerinnen, Salzburg (Österreich)

The importance of leaning by discovery is unquestionable. In primary schools, though, this usually involves a lot of preparatory work. The materials need to be “childproof” and the results need to be foolproof. There also needs to be a suitable amount of materials to go round. The Mekruphy experiment sets offer a solution to this. Especially when the class is quite heterogenous in nature or has a lot of children from immigrant backgrounds, everybody benefits from having materials which offer lots of challenges, hands-on potential and surprise.
Ideally every pair of children has a case “of their own”, for which they are personally responsible and they can find out about its possibilities and secrets step by step. This also opens the door to helping especially gifted children. The materials can provide tangible success for anyone, though, at any end of the learning spectrum.

Helene Haas, Schulleiterin, Joseph-Maria-Lutz Schule, Pfaffenhofen a. d. Ilm

The nature of the cases is that they provide lots of motivation for children to experiment . They are laid out in a way that is easy to understand and the experiments are easy to perform.

Gabriele Schubert, Grundschule Horner Heerstraße, Bremen

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Customer voices: Experiment sets Kindergarten

… I particularly enjoyed the comprehensive explanation surrounding the background of each experiment. This makes one feel well-prepared and able to address all of the children’s questions. To promote the children’s sense of orderliness, it would be advisable to have a picture of the instrument in its corresponding place. This way, the children can independently tidy up their experimental instruments.* Initially, I tested the “Magnetism” experiment kit with the preschool children. From the start, all the children were quickly enthusiastic about the experiment and showed great interest in magnetism. They asked many questions and would have liked to carry out further experiments that day. In summary, I can recommend the “Magnetism” experiment kit because it offers a wide variety of experiments, allowing one to specifically promote and support children’s curiosity and desire to explore. I am fully impressed by the “Plants” experiment kit because it is in line with our nature concept and playfully sparks children’s interest in this important area of “nature.” With the accompanying booklet for Kindergarten 4, it is possible to provide the children with a slow introduction, adjusting the difficulty levels from experiment to experiment. The age group for this experiment kit is diverse, making it useful for younger children as well. The magnifying glasses, in particular, were definitely a highlight for our children, as it was not only extremely fascinating for them to explore a world that is normally hidden from their eyes, but they were also very proud to work with these beautiful instruments. Overall, it can be said that this suitcase is definitely worth it and makes children’s eyes shine.

Eva Maria Pitsch,Hipp Naturkinderhaus, 85276 Pfaffenhofen

* Der Vorschlag wurde inzwischen realisiert

… Conclusion of the educators: The kits impressed with a great selection, robust materials, and a good size that fits in any shelf. The educators also liked that the materials are available in multiple copies, so that all research teams can experiment at the same time. The instruction booklets are formulated in a way that even beginners can work with them well. Thanks to simple implementation plans, even younger children are able to carry out their first experiments. And even the cleanup is easy, as the kits are clearly structured and the right place for each part is easy to find. Of course, what convinced everyone in the end was the enthusiasm with which the children were engaged.

Petra Priggemeyer: Bericht über das Experimentieren in der Kindertagesstätte St. Joseph in Köln Dellbrück mit dem Experimentierkasten Magnetismus. In: Kinderzeit, Für Kita und Grundschule, November 2016

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