Experiment set ELECTRICS 3


Advanced experiments

Whereas the experiment set ELECTRICITY 1 allows for all the fundamental phenomena and laws associated with electric circuits to be worked through except for resistivity, ELECTRICITY 3 not only covers that gap but also goes on to provide advanced experiments on 4-wire sensing and contact resistance.

Highly accurate measurement results

The tough central unit with its perspex plate and compact contact blocks can accommodate rods and wires of various lengths, cross-sections and materials and also has a mirror scale enabling readings to be made to a precision of half a millimetre. The DC amplifier has three amplification ranges and a potentiometer for calibrating the zero point.


01.01.10 Storage box

09.02.00 Inlay with cut-outs for E3

09.03.00 Base unit

09.04.00 DC amplifier

09.05.10 Brass resistance rod 2 mm

09.05.20 Brass resistance rod 3 mm

09.05.30 Brass resistance rod 4 mm

09.05.40 Copper resistance rod 3 mm

09.05.50 Aluminum resistance rod 3 mm

09.05.70 Resistance wire

09.06.10 Resistor element 1Ω/6W

09.06.30 Resistor element 100Ω/1% (4 pieces)

09.06.40 Resistor element 1kΩ/1%

09.06.50 Resistor element Rx1

09.06.60 Resistor element Rx2

08.18.00 Experimentation cable 8.5 cm (2 pieces)

08.19.00 Experimentation cable 17 cm (4 pieces)

08.20.00 Experimentation cable 34 cm (2 pieces)

06.24.20 Experimentation cable 25 cm (2 pieces)

Additionally required:

00.07.10 Multimeter AMM 3000 (2 pieces required)

00.05.10 Low voltage power supply MKS 2.4 or

00.05.20 Low voltage power supply MKS 3.1


E3-1:  Ohmic conductors

E3-2:  Effect of conductor length

E3-3:  Effect of conductor cross-section

E3-4:  Resistivity

E3-5:  Wheatstone’s bridge

E3-6:  Resistors in series

E3-7:  Resistors in parallel

E3-8:  Measurements using 4-wire sensing E3-9:  Contact resistance