Experiment set ELECTRICS 4


The Lorentz force

The ELECTRICITY 4 experiment set can show the Lorentz force around a current carrying conductor in a very demonstrative way. Investigations are made into the vector properties and how they depend on the strength of the current and of the magnetic field as well as the angle between the current and the field. The experiment set also allows magnetic field strength to be determined to a very high degree of accuracy.

Coil, conductor boards and base plate

The experiment set consists of a coil 15 cm long and consisting of 950 windings for generating a field, five conductor boards of various lengths and directionality and one base plate. The tracks and the base plate together form a highly sensitive current balance which can very easily be adjusted to equilibrium. A set of compensating weights is also provided.


01.01.10 Storage box

18.02.00 Inlay with cut-outs for E4

18.03.00 Base plate E4

18.04.00 PCB 25/90°

18.05.00 PCB 35/90°

18.06.00 PCB 50/90°

18.07.00 PCB 50/65°

18.08.00 PCB 50/75°

20.08.00 Straight blunt tweezers

18.09.00 Acrylic glass plate with pin

18.10.00 Set of compensating masses in can

18.11.00 Field coil

18.12.00 PCB holder (4 pieces)

07.13.02 Rubber cap for needle stand (10 pieces)

08.20.00 Experiment cable 34 cm blue (2 pieces)

06.24.20 Experiment cable 25 cm blue (4 pieces)

Additionally required:

00.07.10 Multimeter AMM 3000 (2 pieces required)

00.05.10 Low-voltage power supply MKS 2.4 (2 pieces required)


00.05.20 Low-voltage power supply MKS 3.1 (2 pieces required)


E4-1:  Vector properties of the Lorentz force

E4-2:  Lorentz force and magnetic field strength

E4-3:  Lorentz force and current

E4-4:  Lorentz force and length of conductor

E4-5:  Lorentz force and the angle between the field and the current flow

E4-6:  Determining magnetic field strength