Experiment set ELECTRICS 6


Large effective surface for experiments

The key component of this experiment set is a basin with dimensions of 243 x 208 mm and transparent floor which is printed with a three-colour coordinate system. This makes it easier to copy the equipotential points obtained in the experiment onto a similarly printed piece of paper.

In addition both the electrode holders are made of high-quality plastic and are so small that they barely impede the view of the potential field at all. They have sockets for connecting leads and knurled screws for attaching the electrodes themselves.

Normal tap water

Normal tap water is all that is needed for the measurements. Feet adjustable by screws allow the basin to be easily adjusted to a perfectly horizontal position.

Versatile experiments

The appropriate combination of six electrodes allows all the important experiments for investigating electric fields to be carried out using lines of equal potential. The experiments are carried out using AC voltage. A digital multimeter with a high input resistance is used as the measuring instrument.


01.01.10 Storage box

55.02.00 Inlay with cut-outs for E6

55.03.00 Tub

55.04.00 Electrode holder E6 (2 pieces)

43.06.00 Plastic cup 100 ml

09.06.40 Resistor element 1 kΩ/1% (2 pieces)

55.07.00 Plate electrode E6 (2 pieces)

55.08.00 Angled electrode

55.09.00 Cylinder electrode E6

55.10.00 Sharp electrode (2 pieces)

08.18.00 Experiment cable 8.5 cm

08.19.00 Experiment cable 17 cm (2 pieces)

08.20.00 Experiment cable 34 cm blue (2 pieces)

06.24.20 Experiment cable 25 cm blue (2 pieces)

Additionally required:

00.05.10 Low voltage power supply MKS 2.4


00.05.20 Low voltage power supply MKS 3.1

55.05.00 Digital multimeter PeakTech 3335

00.55.00 Coordinate system template


E6-1:   Plate capacitors

E6-2:   Electric dipoles

E6-3:   Image charges

E6-4:   Conductors in an electric field

E6-5:   Lightning conductors

E6-6:   Two circular but eccentric electrodes

E6-7:   Faraday’s cage

E6-8:   Two concentric electrodes

E6-9:   One flat and one cylindrical electrode

E6-10: Potential of a point charge

E6-11: Two point charges of equal potential

E6-12: Potential between two unlike charges