Experiment set ELECTRICS 8


Advanced experiments with alternating current circuit

The experiment set ELECTRIC 8 starts by developing upon the semiconductor physics covered in ELECTRICITY 7, but using pre-fabricated circuit boards, which are better matched to the demands of the more complex topics than using discrete components on plug-in circuit grids.

Apart from experimental investigation of coils and capacitors in AC and DC circuits, the set’s experiments focus primarily on electromagnetic resonant circuits. The Meissner oscillator deserves special mention here. It makes it possible to visualise oscillation frequencies as low as 1 Hz.

External power supply

Unlike the ELECTRICITY 7 set, supply of electricity to the components is not provided by a battery but by a low-voltage plug-in power supply, although this is not actually included in the set.


01.01.10 Storage box

59.02.00 Inlay with cut-outs for E8

59.03.00 Base plate E8

59.04.10 Circuit board 1

59.04.20 Circuit board 2

59.04.30 Circuit board 3

59.04.40 Circuit board 4

59.04.50 Circuit board 5

59.04.60 Circuit board 6

59.05.00 Transformer

59.06.00 Short-circuit plug E8 (4 pieces)

59.07.10 Capacitor 47 µF

59.07.20 Capacitor 100 µF

59.07.30 Capacitor 220 µF

59.07.40 Capacitor 470 µF

59.07.50 Capacitor 1000 µF

59.07.60 Capacitor 2200 µF

59.08.00 Knurled screw E8

59.09.00 Plate with coil

59.10.00 Incandescent lamps (3 pieces)

08.18.00 Experiment cable 8.5 cm

08.19.00 Experiment cable 17 cm (4 pieces)

06.24.20 Experiment cable 25 cm blue (4 pieces)

The box insert provides space for the 59.11.00 monitor, which must be ordered separately.

Additionally required:

00.05.10 Low-voltage power supply MKS 2.4


00.05.20 Low-voltage power supply MKS 3.1

00.07.10 Multimeter AMM 3000 (2 pieces required)


E8-1:   Coils in AC and DC circuits

E8-2:   Ohmic resistance of a coil

E8-3:   Inductive resistance

E8-4:   Inductance

E8-5:   Self-induction when power to a coil is switched on and off

E8-6:   Capacitors in DC circuits

E8-7:   Voltage across a capacitor

E8-8:   How voltage changes over time when capacitors charge and discharge

E8-9:   Current during charging and discharging

E8-10: Time required for charging and discharging

E8-11: Capacitors in AC circuits

E8-12: Voltage drop across a capacitor

E8-13: Capacitive resistance

E8-14: Time switches

E8-15: Operational amplifiers (op amps)

E8-16: Wien-Robinson oscillator

E8-17: Resonance in series circuits

E8-18: Resonance in parallel circuits

E8-19: Meissner oscillator