Rubrik: Primary school storage

Available separately

In order to take out all the parts of the experiment sets and put them back properly afterwards, it does not make sense to keep the sets in piles. They should be kept apart so each one can be accessed separately. This can be done by having sufficient individual shelves inside the storage cupboard.

Shallow cupboards

MEKRUPHY experiment set cases are 35 cm long, 27 cm wide and 11 cm high. That means they can even fit comfortably into shallow cupboards just 40 cm deep inside. For a common cupboard width of 120 cm, that means that 4 cases can be stored next to one another and if the cupboard has a normal height of 197 cm, with 9 shelves, then up to 40 cases can be stored in a single cupboard.

Cabinet with glass doors

External dimensions: 120 x 197 x 44.5 cm (WxHxD)

The experiment cases shown in the picture are not included with the cabinet.

This cabinet has a robust body made from LIGNOpal with two fully glazed and framed doors, one of which has a metal handle and lock. The doors can be opened to an angle as great as 270°. Each cabinet is available with 6, 9 or 11 shelves.

Mobile cabinets

With a lockable, mobile steel cabinet like this, MEKRUPHY experiment sets and the accessories they need can easily be transported from room to room. The smooth-running casters ensure that the trolley can be moved without shaking. The cabinet consists of a rugged steel tubing frame, a perforated steel shell enclosed on three sides with two doors made of LIGNOpal, one of them with a metal handle and a lock, 4 casters of 10 cm diameter, a top made of LIGNOpal and a floor made of sheet steel.

The mobile cabinet is available with 4, 5 or shelves and can accommodate up to 24 experiment set cases. It is supplied fully assembled.

External dimensions:   125 x 128 x 48 cm (WxHxD)

Advantages: Mobile cabinets for primary schools

Fast, controlled and organised

To ensure quick distribution and rapid as well as controlled cleanup of experimental kits, the boxes should be available individually. This can be achieved by providing a sufficient number of shelves in the storage cabinets.

Clear, space-saving and efficient

Our boxes are only 35 cm long, 27 cm wide, and 11 cm high. This allows them to fit comfortably in cabinets with a depth of only 40 cm. With a typical cabinet width of 120 cm, four boxes can be stored side by side in this way. With a standard cabinet height of 220 cm, up to 48 experimental kits can be stored in one cabinet.