Experiment set KINDERGARTEN 2 (Air)


The fascination of air

Air is a fascinating substance: You can’t see it, and yet it’s there – something that can be demonstrated using this set of apparatus and a variety of exciting experiments. You can make it so that air can be felt and even heard. When it’s caused to move, it can drive things and slow them down. The children use a parachute to discover that air can be used to slow things down even when it’s not moving.

They observe the effect of flowing air on a windmill and a propeller. If this is connected to a generator, it can even be used to generate electricity. In other experiments, the children discover how air can be used to support things and insulate from cold and shocks. They learn why air has to be pumped into a tyre or a football and end up filled with amazement at the effects of air pressure.

Handout booklet

In line with the KINDERGARTEN 2 experiment set, there is a separate booklet for educators and pre-school teachers with detailed information on each experiment, didactic suggestions, and proposed solutions.


01.01.20 Storage case

62.02.00 Inlay with cut-outs for apparatus, K2

61.03.00 Two way valve

62.04.10 4 Base pieces

62.04.20 16 Wheels

62.05.00 4 Windmill blades

01.06.20 16 Knurled screws

43.06.00 4 Plastic beakers, 100 ml

63.08.00 4 Plastic test tubes

62.09.00 4 Silk cloths with eyelets

07.10.10 8 Washers

62.10.00 Telescopic box

62.11.00 16 Pieces of string with eyelet and hook

61.12.00 Plastic syringe, 20 ml

62.13.00 4 Aluminium rods, K2

62.14.00 4 Axle pins

51.14.20 Adapter

62.15.00 8 Knurled nuts

43.16.00 LED modules

62.17.00 4 Plastic plates, K2

43.18.00 Motor with propeller

62.19.00 4 Air cushions

06.24.10 1 Experiment lead, 25 cm, red 06.24.20 1 Experiment lead, 25 cm, blue

Additionally required:

A hairdryer is required for experiment K2-6.


K2-1:   Why doesn’t the paper tissue get wet?

K2-2:   Can you hear air?

K2-3:   Can you feel air?

K2-4:   Can air be used to propel a vehicle?

K2-5:   Let’s build a windmill

K2-6:   How can air be used to generate electricity?

K2-7:   Can still air slow things down too?

K2-8:   Let’s make a parachute

K2-9:   Can air support things too?

K2-10: Can air protect things too?

K2-11: Let’s make a paper airplane

K2-12: Why does a football bounce?

K2-13: How does the air get into the tyres?

K2-14: Why doesn’t the water run out?