Experiment set KINDERGARTEN 4 (Plants)


The life of plants

  • “How can a flower live without eating any food?”
  • “How does a flower suck water up into its petals?”
  • “How can a whole plant come from a bean?”

These are the kinds of questions three- to five-year-olds are interested in when you talk to them about plants. The KINDERGARTEN 4 experiment sets allows them to come up with easily understandable answers to these and many other phenomena for themselves. In addition, they carry out impressive experiments to investigate the water permeability of different types of soil, the various functions that roots perform, the water transport system of plants and the swelling and germination of seeds.

The storage case as a tub

The moulded apparatus storage tray in this experiment kit can be lifted out by its handles so that the empty box can be used as a tub for holding water too.

Handout booklet

In line with the KINDERGARTEN 4 experiment set, there is a separate booklet for educators and pre-school teachers with detailed information on each experiment, didactic suggestions, and proposed solutions.


01.01.20 Storage case

64.02.00 Inlay with cut-outs for apparatus, K4

30.03.20 4 Hand-held magnifying glasses, 6x.

43.03.00 Burette

64.04.00 Burette holder

64.05.00 4 Test tube racks, K4

43.06.00  4 Plastic beakers, 100 ml

64.07.00 Round plastic plate, K4

01.08.00 Steel cylinder, M1

43.08.00 Curved plastic plate

63.08.00 8 Plastic test tubes, 100 mm

20.09.00 Lab knife

43.09.00 Curved wire mesh

64.10.00 4 Head pieces

64.11.00 12 Support legs

05.13.00 Threaded rod

64.17.00 8 Stand rods, K4

30.22.00 Filter paper strips in container B1


K4-1:   Can you hear flowers?

K4-2:   Why do flowers hang their heads?

K4-3:   Do flowers have water pipes?

K4-4:   What does the inside of a stem look like?

K4-5:   How can the water flow upwards?

K4-6:   Do plants give water back again?

K4-7:   Sand or humus?

K4-8:   Why don’t flowers fall over?

K4-9:   What holds the soil together?

K4-10: Do flowers sleep at night?

K4-11: Why do some flowers come into bloom so early in the year?

K4-12: How does a bean grow?

K4-13: What does the inside of a bean look like?

K4-14: How strong are beans?