Experiment set KINDERGARTEN 3 (Magnetism)


Investigating magnetism

The children set out on their journey of discovery armed with two powerful round bar magnets, five test discs made of different materials, a model car, a test tube and rack and a pile of paperclips. They use them to investigate the invisible magnetic force, and learn how its various phenomena relate to each other. In the experiments they discover:

  • that there are only very few materials that are attracted by a magnet
  • how the magnetic force is distributed along the length of a bar magnet
  • how a small paper clip can pull a magnet out of a narrow shaft
  • that the magnetic force also acts through water and plastic.
  • that a magnet can not only attract but also repel, and notice that dividing a magnet in two results in two fully fledged magnets with north and south of poles of their own.

When they learn about the earth’s magnetic field using a compass, they discover that their knowledge has practical applications in everyday life too.

Handout booklet

In line with the KINDERGARTEN 3 experiment set, there is a separate booklet for educators and pre-school teachers with detailed information on each experiment, didactic suggestions, and proposed solutions.


01.01.20 Storage case

63.02.00 Inlay with cut-outs for apparatus, K3

63.03.00 4 Acrylic sheets with house design

63.04.00 4 Boxes of test discs

63.05.00 4 Test tube racks, K3

43.06.00 Plastic beaker, 100 ml

63.07.00 4 Model cars, K3

63.08.00 4 Plastic test tubes, 100 mm

06.09.00 8 AlNiCo cylindrical magnets

63.10.00 Box of paper clips

06.11.00 4 Compasses

63.12.00 Pair of scissors

63.13.00 4 Plate holders K3

03.17.00 Spool of thread


K3-1:   How does the paper clip climb up the wall?

K3-2:   Which disc is attracted by the magnet?

K3-3:   Who can help the paper clip?

K3-4:   Does a magnet work in water too?

K3-5:   Can the paper clip attract the magnet?

K3-6:   Who can rescue the magnet?

K3-7:   Where is the magnet strongest?

K3-8:   Can a magnet repel too?

K3-9:   Is there a magnet that has four poles?

K3-10: Is magnetism “contagious”?

K3-11: What does a compass tell you?