Experiment set FRACTIONS


Understanding fractions through experimentation

Using a story about four children of the same age, students work out the rules for fractions in a completely new way with the FRACTIONS experimentation kit. Fractions are represented by colored acrylic glass circle sectors equipped with magnetic plates on the underside. This allows them to be easily arranged or moved on the lid of the storage box. The filled lids can also be lifted for the teacher to check.

The discovery of prime numbers between 2 and 100 using the Sieve of Eratosthenes is also made into an experience with the magnetic plates.

Accompanying materials

Accompanying the FRACTIONS experimentation set are a student workbook and a teacher’s guide with didactic instructions and analog solutions. The student workbook is also available in digital format.


25.01.10 Storage case (small)

94.01.00 Lid with magnetic foil

94.02.00 Inlay with cut-outs

94.03.00 Half-circle surface (2 pieces)

94.04.00 Third-circle surface (3 pieces)

94.05.00 Quarter-circle surface (4 pieces)

94.06.00 Sixth-circle surface (6 pieces)

94.07.00 Eighth-circle surface (8 pieces)

94.08.00 Twelfth-circle surface (24 pieces)

94.09.10 Set of odd numbers in a container

94.09.20 Set of even numbers in a container


FR-1: Formation of fractions

FR-2: Classification of fractions

FR-3: Conversion of improper fractions

FR-4: Multiplication of fractions

FR-5: Simplification of fractions

FR-6: Addition of fractions

FR-7: Subtraction of fractions

FR-8: Sieve of Eratosthenes

FR-9: Multiplication with a natural number

FR-10: Division by a natural number

FR-11: Multiplication with a fraction

FR-12: Division by a fraction