Experiment set GEOMETRY 2


From inside out

This set of experiments provides a completely new introduction to spatial geometry. By using high-quality coloured acrylic shapes and modern cylindrical magnets, there are unexpected possibilities to illustrate the mutual position of lines and planes.

But the approach to developing the properties of the most important geometric bodies is also new: The bodies are not viewed from outside inwards, but built from inside outwards. This method makes it easier to develop and promote spatial imagination. Further examples include:

  • Symmetry planes are discovered using a real mirror surface
  • Spatial and surface diagonals as well as inclination angles are compared with suitable triangles
  • Structures are held stable by using special magnets
  • With ten square plates, the students work out the principle of Cavalieri and then apply it to various pyramid shapes


25.01.10 Storage case (small)

94.01.00 Lid with magnetic foil

92.02.00 Inlay with cut-outs

92.03.00 Base plate G2

92.04.00 Rod with M3 thread (4 pieces)

92.05.00 Rod 14.4 cm (3 pieces)

92.06.00 Rod 8.4 cm (4 pieces)

92.07.00 Rod 6.9 cm

92.08.00 Rod 6.0 cm

92.09.00 Rod 4.4 cm

92.10.00 Rod 2.0 cm (20 pieces)

92.11.00 Mirror

92.12.00 Cylinder magnet (4 pieces)

92.13.00 Unit cubes (10 pieces)

92.14.00 Square 80/80 (4 pieces)

92.15.00 Cuboid 25/25/3 (10 pieces)

92.16.00 Rectangle 120/80 (3 pieces)

92.17.00 Rectangle 120/40 (2 pieces)

92.18.00 Rectangle 80/40 (2 pieces)

92.19.00 Equilateral triangle (4 pieces)

92.20.00 Isosceles right triangle

92.21.00 Right triangle 140/40

92.22.00 Right triangle 120/80

92.23.00 Right triangle 120/40

92.24.00 Right triangle 109/80

92.25.00 Right triangle 80/40

92.26.00 Triangle with slot A

92.26.50 Triangle with slot B

92.27.00 Triangle with slot C

92.27.50 Triangle with slot D

92.28.00 Isosceles triangle 70/80/70


G2-1: Skew lines

G2-2: Surface and space diagonals of a cube

G2-3: Symmetry planes on the cube

G2-4: Surface and space diagonals of a rectangular parallelepiped

G2-5: Symmetry planes on the rectangular parallelepiped

G2-6: Surface and net of the rectangular parallelepiped

G2-7: Volume of the rectangular parallelepiped

G2-8: Right triangular prism

G2-9: Cavalieri’s principle

G2-10: Angle between line and plane 1

G2-11: Angle between line and plane 2

G2-12: Intersection angle of two planes

G2-13: Net of the straight square pyramid

G2-14: Heights of the straight square pyramid

G2-15: Angles of the straight square pyramid

G2-16: Volume of the straight square pyramid

G2-17: Regular tetrahedron

G2-18: Regular octahedron