Experiment set INTEGERS


Tactile Arithmetic

The experiment set INTEGERS features magnetically attachable, colored acrylic glass tiles that help students discover the structure of the positional notation system and learn how to add Roman numerals. The tiles also provide a novel approach to:

  • working with negative numbers
  • the arithmetic laws of addition and multiplication of integral numbers
  • the distributive law

Working with MEKRUPHY materials turns mathematics into an experience, arousing and increasing students’ interest and motivation for this often unpopular subject.

Supporting materials

In addition to the experiment set INTEGERS, a student workbook and a teacher’s manual with didactic instructions and solutions are also available in analog form. The student workbook can also be purchased in digital form.


25.01.10 Storage case (small)

95.01.00 Cover with magnetic foil

95.02.00 Inlay with cut-outs

95.03.10 Roman numeral I (10 pieces)

95.03.20 Roman numeral V (2 pieces)

95.03.30 Roman numeral X (8 pieces)

95.03.40 Roman numeral L (2 pieces)

95.03.50 Roman numeral C (6 pieces)

95.03.60 Roman numeral D (4 pieces)

95.03.70 Roman numeral M (4 pieces)

95.04.10 Number unit blue (12 pieces)

95.05.10 Number unit red (36 pieces)

95.06.10 Step number E (2 pieces)

95.06.20 Step number Z (2 pieces)

95.06.30 Step number H (2 pieces)

95.06.40 Step number T (2 pieces)

95.07.10 Triangle green (12 pieces)


IG-1: Arabic and Roman numerals

IG-2: Place value and step numbers

IG-3: Addition of natural numbers

IG-4: Written addition

IG-5: Adding Roman numerals

IG-6: Subtraction of natural numbers

IG-7: Written subtraction

IG-8: Origin of negative numbers

IG-9: The set of whole numbers

IG-10: Addition of whole numbers

IG-11: Commutative law of addition

IG-12: Subtraction of whole numbers

IG-13: Multiplication of whole numbers

IG-14: Written multiplication

IG-15: Distributive law of multiplication

IG-16: The square numbers from 1 to 625

IG-17: Division by whole numbers

IG-18: Written division