Rubrik: Science and Technology: Student workbooks / Teacher handbooks

Student workbooks 

Ideally, the students should seek experimental solutions under the supervision of the teacher without outside guidance. However, due to time constraints, this is not always possible. In such cases, the carefully crafted experiment instructions in the MEKRUPHY student’s manuals provide valuable assistance.

All student workbooks are written by experienced educators, tested for many years in numerous schools, and continually improved. With these instructions, student groups can work completely independently and effectively relieve the teacher. This is especially helpful for teachers who teach subjects outside their expertise. The student and teacher books are also available in English for bilingual instruction. Additionally, the student books are available in digital format.


The experiments are arranged in such a way that with progressive experimentation, students can bring more initiative and creativity. In this way, not only experimental skills but also the safe handling of scientific laws and methods are promoted step by step. The texts are:

  • easy to understand
  • clearly structured
  • presented in an organised way
  • methodically skillfully structured 

In digital and print form

When purchasing a classroom equipment set of an experiment set, one copy of the corresponding student booklet is provided free of charge. It is permitted to use it as a copying template for use within the school. However, it is more practical and convenient for students to purchase their own student booklets to make entries directly into them.

The student’s manuals are also available in digital form. The entire text of the student booklet, including the images, appears as a PDF file.

Teacher handbooks

Teacher’s manuals are available for the student booklets. They contain background information for each experiment, practical instructions for conducting the experiment, answers and solutions to the questions and tasks posed in the workbook, as well as expected measurement results.