Rubrik: ADDESTATION Student workbooks / Teacher handbooks

Student workbooks

The MEKRUPHY student and teacher booklets were written by experienced teachers who have tested and improved the student workbooks over many years at several schools. With these guides, students can work completely independently and effectively relieve the teacher. The texts are

  • leicht verständlich 
  • klar gegliedert 
  • übersichtlich dargestellt und  
  • methodisch geschickt aufgebaut 

The experiments are arranged in such a way that the students delve deeper into the scientific content from experiment to experiment, but also learn to know and master the possibilities of the diverse software and can contribute their own initiative and creativity. In this way, both

  • the operation of the MGA and the experimental skill as well as
  • the safe handling of the laws and methods of the respective subject are gradually developed.

The student’s and teacher’s manuals are also available in English for bilingual teaching. Additionally, the student’s manuals are available in digital format.

Teacher handbooks

Accompanying the student workbooks are teacher’s manuals. They contain background information and practical tips for each chapter and answers and solutions to the questions and tasks presented in the student workbooks.