Computer-aided experimentation

With ADDESTATION, the MEKRUPHY system also sets a new standard in the area of computer-aided experimentation in chemistry. Seven highly developed sensors and one sophisticated, user-friendly software program make it possible to record measurement data much more precisely and to assess those data considerably more easily and quickly.


The experiments can be conducted with the portable MGA. The MGA is a powerful data logger, which can record measurements from up to four sensors simultaneously and can process 64 000 pieces of data every second. It does this without using any external computers. However, with the help of the supplied software CD, all this information can be uploaded to a PC, laptop or notebook computer for further processing, display, or even projection on a wall.

Titration experiments

The great advantage of recording measurement data from up to four sensors simultaneously is particularly evident in titration experiments. The system can be used, for example, to show very clearly and in separate colours the curve of the cumulative quantity added at any given time as measured by the drop counting sensor together with the corresponding measured values of the electrical conductivity and pH of the solution being neutralised.


01.01.10  Storage case

23.02.00  Inlay with cut-outs for apparatus, C7

23.04.00  Temperature sensor

23.05.00  3 Sensor connecting cables

06.06.00  Cover for holding electrodes

23.06.00  Current sensor

06.07.00  Zinc plate electrode, E1

23.07.00  Voltage sensor

06.08.00  2 Copper plate electrodes, E1

23.09.00  pH sensor

23.09.10  Screw-on lid

22.10.00  Iron plate electrode, C4

23.10.00  Conductivity sensor

23.11.00  Colorimeter

23.12.00  8 Colorimeter cuvettes

23.13.00  Burette

23.13.10  One-way valve system with tip

23.14.00  Drop counting sensor

23.15.00  Calorimeter

23.16.00  Magnetic stirring rod

06.24.20  3 Experiment leads, 25 cm, blue

Additionallly required:

00.10.00  MGA

00.01.20  Digital scales PRECISION 500

00.05.10  MKS 2.4 low-voltage power supply

00.23.00  Universal stand

00.25.00  Magnetic stirrer

20.00.00  BASIC CHEMISTRY set C1

21.00.00  BASIC CHEMISTRY set C2


C7-1:   Ionic bonding and covalent bonding

C7-2:   Strong, weak and non-electrolytes

C7-3:   Galvanic cells

C7-4:   Concentration and conductivity

C7-5:   Freezing and melting

C7-6:   Salts in water

C7-7:   Endothermic and exothermic reactions

C7-8:   Heat of neutralisation

C7-9:   Rate of reaction and surface

C7-10: Rate of reaction and temperature

C7-11: Rate of reaction and concentration

C7-12: Acid or base

C7-13: Temperature increase and ionisation of an acid

C7-14: Titration 1

C7-15: Titration 2

C7-16: Titration 3

C7-17: Colorimetry

C7-18: Titration 4

C7-19: Titration 5

C7-20: Titration 6

C7-21: Titration 7

C7-22: Titration 8