Experiment set Electrics 5 ADDESTATION


Data logging and sensors

For demonstrative experiments on electromagnetic induction, transformer processes, rectification of AC voltage or the switch-on procedure for a coil, you need a dual-channel oscilloscope. That is the only way that opposing phases for primary and induced voltages can be displayed convincingly. Until now, though, it has not been possible to provide enough sets containing such equipment for all the students in a class simply for reasons of cost.

However the oscilloscope for the ELECTRICITY 5 ADDESTATION set is generated by the MGA software and can display up to four different parameters simultaneously. This is particularly helpful for half-wave and full-wave rectification, but also for transformers, since the relevant curves and phase shifts can be investigated highly accurately with colour coding. In addition, measurements can also be displayed in digital form or in a vector diagram. The digital method is especially good for deriving Ohm’s law. The measurements can automatically be transferred to a table or plotted in a graph. By touching the relevant function buttons, you can see not only a graph but also the equation for the resulting straight line.

Visualisation of readings

Die Messwerte sind auch digital oder im Zeigerdiagramm darstellbar. Die digitale Methode eignet sich besonders für die Erarbeitung des Ohmschen Gesetzes. Hier können die Messwerte automatisch in eine Tabelle sowie in ein Koordinatensystem übertragen werden. Durch Antippen der betreffenden Funktionsfelder erscheinen dann sowohl Graph wie auch Gleichung der zugehörigen Gerade.


01.01.10 Storage case

14.02.50 Inlay with cut-outs for E5

14.03.50 Base plate E5

08.05.00 Coupling E7 (2 pieces)

14.05.50 Switching element

23.05.00 Sensor connection cable (2 pieces)

14.06.50 Bulb element E5

23.06.00 Current sensor

08.07.50 Switch element

23.07.00 Voltage sensor (2 pieces)

08.08.50 Potentiometer element

14.08.00 End plate E5 (2 pieces)

16.08.00 Acrylic glass tube with scale A1

06.09.00 Round rod magnet AlNiCo (2 pieces)

14.09.50 Transistor element E5

03.10.01 Screw spring 10 N/m

14.10.00 Test tube with hook

14.11.50 Resistance element R1

14.12.50 Resistance element R2

14.13.50 Resistance element R3

14.14.50 Resistance element R4

08.16.30 Si-diode element

14.16.30 Capacitor element 4.7 μF

14.16.50 Capacitor element 10 μF

14.16.70 Capacitor element 47 μF

07.17.00 Coil with 300/600 turns

08.18.00 Experiment cable 8.5 cm (2 pieces)

08.19.00 Experiment cable 17 cm (2 pieces)

08.20 00 Experiment cable 34 cm blue (2 pieces)

14.22.00 Adjusting plate

14.23.50 Bridge rectifier circuit element

06.24.20 Experiment cable 25 cm blue (3 pieces)

08.24.50 Resistance element 1 kΩ

08.26.50 Resistance element 10 kΩ

14.24.50 Resistance element 22 kΩ

08.27.00 Shorting link (4 pieces)

Additionally required:

00.10.00 MGA

00.05.10 Low voltage power supply MKS 2.4

For experiments E5-7, E5-8, and E5-16:

07.00.00 Experiment set ELECTRICS 2


E5-1:   V-I characteristic for an incandescent bulb.

E5-2:   Ohm’s law

E5-3:   Determining resistance values

E5-4:   Internal resistance of a battery

E5-5:   Electromagnetic induction

E5-6:   Induction pendulums

E5-7:   AC generators

E5-8:   Transformers

E5-9:   Half-wave rectification

E5-10: Full-wave rectification

E5-11: Charging and discharging of a capacitor

E5-12: Smoothing

E5-13: Capacitive resistance

E5-14: Inductive resistance

E5-15: Resonant circuit 1

E5-16: Resonant circuit 2