Rubrik: MGA

What does MGA mean? 

Turn on the MGA data logger – Connect up to four sensors – Select a duration for the measurement – Start measuring – Look at the measurements and graphs – Assess the results. That is how easy the measurement process has become with the help of the new MGA data logger. The abbreviation MGA is derived from the initials of three of its main functions: Measurement, Graph and Assessment

The MGA is a powerful data logger, which can record measurements from up to four sensors simultaneously and can process 64 000 pieces of data every second. It does this without using any external computers. However, with the help of the supplied software CD, all this information can be uploaded to a PC, laptop or notebook computer for further processing, display, or even projection on a wall to make the conclusions for the experiment clear.

Measurement instrument

The MGA serves as a multimeter since it can capture measurements of various quantities such as force, distance, angle, acceleration, etc.


The MGA can display the measurement data in the form of tables, as well as pointer diagrams and, most importantly, as graphs in a coordinate system.


The MGA evaluates the measurement data and its temporal progression by calculating distances, averages, first and second derivatives, linear regression, and other methods.

aMixer MGA with ADDeStation software

What does ADDESTATION mean?

Software and sensors in the MEKRUPHY data logging system have been developed in close association with our partners ADDEST Technovation PTE Ltd. of Singapore. This is reflected in the term “ADDESTATION”. This has been registered as a trade mark with the German patent and trade mark authorities. The ADDESTATION technology has also been patented with the European patent authority.

The highly responsive sensors, the powerful MGA data logger and the well tested software for the MEKRUPHY ADDESTATION system represent a measurement system that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of precision and ease of use.

The key features

  • Ready to use straight away
  • All functions at a glance
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Automatic detection of connected sensors
  • Measurement duration can be pre-set for anything from 1 second up to 2 days
  • Display in table form, analog, digital or graph formats
  • Simultaneous recording, display and storage of up to four variables and how they change over a period of time
  • Large, colour LCD touch screen
  • Operation as sound frequency generator or oscillioscope
  • Multiple evaluation function, such as increasing or decreasing the size of graphs, calculation of derivatives, averages, linear regression and more
  • Data can be saved to SD cards and USB sticks
  • Option for display via projectors or whiteboards
  • Operable without external computers
  • Measurements can also be made outdoors
  • Low weight (226 g)

Storage case and charging station

The MGA has a rechargeable battery which ensure operation for 5 hours. When no measurements are being made, the equipment automatically switches to stand-by mode after 2 minutes. It can be started running again by pressing the left arrow button. Every MGA is supplied along with a charger to be plugged into a mains socket. Charging lasts a maximum of 10 hours.

The MGA is also provided with a rugged but light polystyrene storage case which can accommodate up to 10 pieces of equipment. MGA modules are designed in such a way that it is immediately apparent at a glance whether the unit is switched off with the touch pen in its intended slot and the SD card properly stowed away.

Using the chargers along with a couple of socket strips, the storage case itself can also be employed as an easy-to-use charging station. During the charging process, each piece of apparatus has an LED which displays whether the rechargeable battery is still charging or has already been fully charged.