Experiment set ACOUSTICS 1


Impressive introductory experiments

This experiment set provides students with exciting experiments on the following:

  • Perceiving distinctions between audible phenomena including specific tones, regular sound, noise and bangs
  • Investigating the relationship between the volume and the amplitude of oscillation of strings as well as that between pitch and wavelength using self-built monochords
  • Background and applications for sound insulation, sound focussing and beats
  • Propagation of sound in air and in solid materials
  • Exploring the phenomenon of resonance

Quality and precision

With this MEKRUPHY experiment set students get to lay their hands on high-quality equipment, especially the two tuning forks and their precisely matched sound boxes, but also the specially manufactured tailpiece and pegbox.

See also ACOUSTICS 2

Other computer-based experiments on acoustics are provided by the MEKRUPHY experiment set ACOUSTICS 2.


01.01.10  Storage case

16.02.00  Inlay with cut-outs for apparatus, A1

16.03.10  2 Tuning forks, 440 Hz

16.03.20  2 Resonance boxes, A1

16.03.30  2 Sliding weights

16.03.40  Mallet

01.04.00  Plastic beaker, 250 ml

16.05.10  Glockenspiel chime C

16.05.20  Glockenspiel chime E

16.06.00  Universal clamp

16.07.00  Table tennis ball on cord in box

16.08.00  Perspex tube with scale, A1

16.09.00  Tailpiece

16.10.00  Pegbox

16.11.00  A-string in box

16.12.00  Rod with hook, A1

16.13.00  Foam block, A1

16.14.00  Plastic funnel, A1

16.15.10  2 Cords with eyelet

16.15.20  Double hook ring

16.15.30  Oblong box, A1

16.16.00  Short duration timer

16.17.00  Bridge

16.18.00  Stand rod, 8 mm diam.

01.19.00  Measuring tape, 2 m


A1-1:   Types of sound we can hear

A1-2:   Creating tones and sounds

A1-3:   Tones and volume

A1-4:   Oscillating columns of air

A1-5:   Propagation of sound in air

A1-6:   Resonance

A1-7:   Propagation of sound in solids

A1-8:   Sound focusing

A1-9:   Sound insulation

A1-10: Beats

A1-11: Directionality of hearing