Experiment set WAVES


Wave phenomena in ultrasonics

The characteristic wave properties of interference, diffraction and standing waves, along with reflection and refraction, can be particularly easily learned, clearly, quickly, impressively and with high precision in experiments carried out by students themselves. The equipment provides various experimental methods for determining wavelength.

Extreme precision

The key component of this experiment set is a central control unit. It provides not only two synchronously oscillating transmitters but also sends the signal from the receiver to a display. It also supplies all the power needed via its 9 V block battery. The unusually high accuracy of the experiment results arise from the sophisticated electronics and in particular from the mirror scale on the base plate and the transparent acrylic scales, which allow readings to be made to an accuracy of half a degree or half a millimetre.

Possible enhancements

Diffraction by a grating cannot be demonstrated using this experiment set. Polarisation is naturally omitted also. Both these two wave phenomena can, however, be investigated very impressively using the OPTICS 3 plus experiment set.


01.01.10  Storage case

12.02.00  Inlay with cut-outs for apparatus, WA

12.03.00  Central ultrasonic control unit, WA

12.04.00  2 Transmitter

12.05.00  Receiver

12.06.00  Base plate with mirror scale

12.07.00  2 Rails with scale A

12.08.00  2 Scale riders A

12.09.00  Rail with scale B

12.10.00  2 Scale riders B

12.11.00  Aperture holder

12.12.00  Opaque aperture, WA

12.13.00  Aperture with single slit, WA

12.14.00  Aperture with double slit, WA

12.15.00  2 Parabolic attachments, WA

12.16.00  Foam block, WA

12.17.00  Triangular steel plate

12.17.10  3 Screw feets including screw

12.18.00  Fireproof triangular plate

12.18.10  3 Screw feets with external thread

12.18.20  3 Knurled nuts, black

12.20.10  2 Knurled screws, long

12.20.20  2 Knurled screws, short

12.20.30  4 Knurled nuts, large

20.22.20  Storage box, C1

06.24.10  Experiment lead, 25 cm, red

06.24.20  Experiment lead, 25 cm, blue

Additionally required:

00.07.10  Multimeter AMM 3000

44.15.00  6 Tea candles


WA-1:   Transmitter characteristics

WA-2:   Focusing waves

WA-3:   Reflection at a plane mirror

WA-4:   Absorption

WA-5:   Refraction

WA-6:   The superposition principle

WA-7:   Interference

WA-8:   Lloyd’s experiment

WA-9:   Diffraction at an obstacle

WA-10: Diffraction at a double slit

WA-11: Diffraction at a single slit

WA-12: Standing waves 1 WA-13: Standing waves 2