Experiment set ENERGY


Getting close to energy

At last students have the chance to find out about the phenomenon of energy in exciting experiments they can carry out themselves. They will learn not only about conventional forms of energy but also the new, alternative energy forms arising from all different areas of physics. A key factor of this lies in the conversion of various forms of energy into energy of a different kind.

Developed with education experts

This experiment set was developed in 1995 in close conjunction with the Chair for Physics Education at the University of Erlangen under the direction of Prof. Dr. Werner Schneider and was then tested by experienced teachers. It has lost none of its attraction in the interim.

Modern components

By using a PELTIER module, the flow of heat can be demonstrated in a way that is particularly easy to understand. It is also very impressive at showing the function of a heat pump or refrigerator. The solar module makes more interesting experiments on conversion of energy and energy storage possible.


01.01.10  Storage case

11.02.00  Inlay with cut-outs for apparatus, EN

11.03.00  2 Digital thermometers EN (-40°/+70°C)

11.04.00  Solar module, EN

11.05.00  PELTIER module

02.06.00  Bosshead clamp, M2

03.06.00  Cord, 100 cm, in box

08.06.00  3 Incandescent lamp modules, E7

11.06.00  Capacitor module, 1F

02.07.00  Cord, 50 cm, in box

11.08.00  Copper tube

11.08.10  Simple tube holder

11.08.20  Tube holder for thermal sensor

11.08.30  Perspex friction body

11.09.00  Spotlight, 12 V / 20 W

35.09.00  Hook ring

11.10.00  Glass plate, EN

11.11.00  Stopwatch

03.12.00  Rod with hook, 7 cm

05.13.00  2 Threaded rods

11.13.00  Rod with M5 thread, long

03.14.00  Steel pendulum bob

11.14.00  Insulating box, EN

11.14.10  Aluminium plate, EN

11.14.20  Wooden plate, EN

11.14.30  Perspex plate, EN

11.15.00  Generator with holder

11.15.10  Propeller

11.16.00  Force gauge, 5 N

01.18.00  2 Stand rods, 29 cm

08.18.00  4 Experiment leads, 8.5 cm

01.19.00  Measuring tape, 2 m

02.20.00  3 Weights, 50 g, with slot

08.20.00  5 Experiment leads, 34 cm

11.21.00  Drive pulley in box

11.22.00  Spring bumper, EN

02.23.00  3 Riders with screw

11.24.00  Ice bucket

54.24.00  Weight holder, short

11.25.00  Aluminium cube with hook

11.25.10  Aluminium cube

11.25.20  LESLIE cube

11.25.30  Aluminium block with hook

11.26.00  Screwdriver, EN

11.27.00  Wooden block

11.28.00  Weight, 40 g, with hslot

Additionally required:

00.02.10  Universal track

00.07.10  2 Multimeters AMM 3000

00.11.00  Free-fall tube

00.05.10  Low voltage power supply MKS 2.4


00.05.20  Low voltage power supply MKS 3.1


EN-1:   Potential energy 1

EN-2:   Potential energy 2

EN-3:   Conservation of energy

EN-4:   Conversion of potential energy to electrical energy

EN-5:   Electrical energy

EN-6:   Conversion of electrical energy to mechanical energy

EN-7:   Conversion of kinetic energy to internal energy

EN-8:   Friction and increased internal energy

EN-9:   Heat insulation

EN-10: Conduction of heat

EN-11: Flow of heat

EN-12: “Ice” motor

EN-13: Cooling machines/refrigerators

EN-14: Efficiency of a heat pump

EN-15: Absorption of light

EN-16: Short-circuit current for a solar module

EN-17: Open-circuit voltage for a solar module

EN-18: Short-circuit current and radiation direction

EN-19: Storage of energy