Experiment set HEAT 2


Non-hazardous source of heat

Never before have high-quality student experiments on the topic of HEAT been so easy, so accurate and so safe. There are no open flames, no risk of burns, explosion or poisoning. The extremely handy electric heater can heat 300 g of water from 20°C to 70°C in 10 minutes while the outside of it remains completely cool. It features a 5-stage thermostat control and can be emptied from the side without any risk.

Extremely high precision

The calorimeter, with its extremely water equivalent value, which can even be taken into account in any calculation, provides extremely accurate measurement results when used in conjunction with the digital thermometers.

Extreme clarity

The heat source and the calorimeter have perspex covers which allow the processes inside the vessel to be observed.

See also HEAT 3

Other computer-based experiments on heat are provided by the MEKRUPHY experiment set HEAT 3.


01.01.10  Storage case

10.02.00  Inlay with cut-outs for apparatus, H2

10.03.00  2 Plastic petri dishes

10.04.00  Measuring beaker, 500 ml

10.05.00  Electric heater

10.06.00  Cover with NTC thermistor

10.07.00  Copper cylinder, H2

01.08.00  Steel cylinder, M1

10.09.00  Brass cylinder

10.10.00  Calorimeter

44.10.00  Thermometer without scale

10.11.00  Cover with heating filaments

10.13.00  2 Digital thermometers, H2 (-50°/+300°C)

08.18.00  1 Experiment lead, 8.5 cm

08.20.00  5 Experiment lead, 34 cm

Additionally required:

For the experiments marked with *:

00.07.10  2 Multimeters AMM 3000


H2-1:   Calibration of a liquid thermometer

H2-2:   Brownian motion

H2-3:   Internal energy and rise in temperature

H2-4:   Specific heat capacity of water

H2-5:   Mixing experiments

H2-6:   The water equivalent for a calorimeter

H2-7:   Specific heat capacities of steel and brass

H2-8:   Latent heat of melting ice

H2-9:   Electrical energy and internal energy*

H2-10: Use of an NTC thermistor as a thermometer*

Additionally required:

For the experiments marked with *:

00.07.10  2 Multimeters AMM 3000