Versatile glass equipment

The C2 basic set provides students with a wide variety of glassware ranging from petri dishes, Erlenmeyer flasks and glass funnels to three different sizes of glass beakers and four different types of test tubes. Additional glass elements such as watch glasses, cobalt glasses, pipettes and graduated cylinders are included in the C1 basic set.

During the course of an experiment, the C2 case can be stacked on top of the C1 case or on top of a special case. This keeps the table free for conducting the experiment and taking notes.

Specially designed test tube rack

Along with standard equipment, the C2 basic set also includes items specially developed by MEKRUPHY GMBH, such as the test tube rack made of powder-coated aluminium. Its centre of gravity is so low that it cannot tip over under normal circumstances. Moreover, the rack – which can hold five normal, one large and two small test tubes – is extremely heat-resistant and easy to clean.


01.01.10  Storage case

21.02.00  Inlay with cut-outs for apparatus, C2

24.03.00  Glass beaker, 25 ml BORO

21.04.00  Glass beaker, 250 ml BORO

21.05.00  Glass beaker, 150 ml BORO

21.06.00  Erlenmeyer flask, 100 ml, wide-neck

21.07.00  Glass funnel

21.08.10  2 Test tubes 12 x 100 mm BORO

21.08.20  5 Test tubes 16 x 160 mm BORO

21.08.30  Test tube, heat-resistant

21.09.00  Test tube with support

11.10.00  2 Glass plates EN

21.11.00  Mortar, 80 mm diam.

21.12.00  Pestle

21.13.00  2 Pairs of full-view safety goggles

21.14.00  100-pack of round filters, 150 mm diam.

21.15.00  Universal indicator paper

21.16.00  Test tube rack, aluminium

21.17.00  Glycerol in dropper bottle

21.18.00  Glass tube, straight, 80 mm

21.19.00  Spray bottle

21.20.00  Petri dish, 80 mm diam. with lid