Radioactivity in student experiments?

This experiment set makes it possible for students to discover the most important laws of radioactivity for themselves without any hazard. The knowledge they will gain helps them to properly assess the chances and risks of radioactivity and make judgements on the subject without any ideological baggage.

No samples requiring official approval

All radioactivity measurements to be made with this set can be carried out using everyday items found in many households. This eliminates the need for complicated registration and storage of expensive radioactive samples. The results demonstrating radioactivity in air and tap water are almost sensational, but so are those on the topics of magnetic deflection as well as the distance and absorption laws. The samples which are used are also sealed into plastic cases, preventing any direct contact. The equivalent dose at a distance of 0.1 m for the Welsbach mantle in its case is less than 0.9 µSv/h and its activity is well below 2000 Bq. Both these values are therefore well below the limits for requiring registration.

Highly sensitive radiation meter

The equipment at the core of the set is an end window Geiger counter tube with extremely high sensitivity for measuring alpha, beta and gamma radiation and equivalent dose. Apart from the digital display, an LED display and an acoustic signal make it easier to detect radiation. The duration of the measurement can also be pre-set. A 9-V block battery provides the necessary voltage.


01.01.10  Storage case

13.02.00  Inlay with cut-outs for apparatus, RA

13.03.00  PVC plate

01.04.00  Plastic beaker, 250 ml

13.05.00  Horseshoe magnet

13.06.00  Magnet holder

13.07.00  Empty case

13.08.00  Gas mantle in case (not usable as a gas lamp mantle)

20.08.00  Straight, blunt-ended tweezers

13.09.00  Potassium chloride in case

13.10.00  Artificial fertiliser in case

13.11.00  Suction filter

13.12.00  10 Glass-fibre filter discs in case

05.13.00  2 Threaded rods

13.14.00  Steel plate

13.15.00  Aluminium plate, RA

13.16.00  Plastic plate

13.17.00  Wooden plate, RA

13.18.00  Glass plate, RA

01.19.00  Measuring tape, 2m

07.20.00  Woollen cloth

13.20.00  Radiation meter

13.21.00  Meter holder

13.22.00  Sample holder

02.23.00  2 Riders with screws

13.24.00  Measuring cylinder, 100 ml

13.25.00  8 Card boards

13.26.00  Plate holder, RA


R1-1:   Background radiation

R1-2:   Statistical variation

R1-3:   Radioactive materials

R1-4:   Distance law

R1-5:   Absorption 1

R1-6:   Absorption 2

R1-7:   Spatial characteristics of radiation

R1-8:   Deflection by a magnetic field

R1-9:   Half-life

R1-10: Radioactivity in tap water

R1-11: Radioactivity in air

R1-12: Equivalent dose