Rubrik: Chemistry Safety glasses

Safety glasses

Lab coats and safety goggles are to experimental chemistry instruction as gym shoes and gym shorts are to physical education. They should be part of every student’s individual equipment, of course. Moreover, the protective function of both reinforce the idea that special rules and codes of behaviour must be followed. It also reminds parents, who are usually responsible for procuring these items, how much weight modern classroom instruction places on autonomous experimentation in the natural sciences.

Toughened safety glasses DIN EN 166 

This attractive model provides excellent protection for the eyes, especially from the side. The safety lenses are made from scratch-resistant polycarbonate. With angular adjustment that clicks into place and arms that can be adjusted for length, the glasses can fit any size and shape of head. The arms have soft rubber ends to enhance the wearing comfort.

Safety glasses with colourful arms 

These extremely light safety glasses conform to the European safety standard DIN EN 166 and offer an unrivalled wearing comfort. They provide excellent protection above the eyes due to the inward projecting soft rubber frame. With arms that can be set at 6 different angles and to 4 different lengths, these glasses can be adjusted to comfortably fit any head. The arms are available in mint or orange colour.

Safety googles

With individually adjustable headband, the full coverage safety goggles included in the C2 basic kit are a suitable alternative for students who wear prescription eyeglasses. Students who forget their own safety glasses can still participate in the experiment using these goggles. Reaching for lab coat and safety glasses should become a reflex whenever student experiments are about to begin.