Specially developed equipment

Designed specifically for the lower secondary school level, this experiment set helps students learn the fundamentals of electrochemistry simply and rapidly. For most of the experiments, special equipment has been developed and perfectly matched. As a result, the experiments can be set up and dismantled quickly and succeed with a high level of safety, reliability and accuracy. Ion migration, for example, can be demonstrated very impressively even with voltages below 12 volts using the associated MEKRUPHY device.

The MEKRUPHY experimentation system leaves nothing to chance. Thanks to student-oriented dimensioning and sophisticated design down to the smallest detail, the water decomposition cell of the Hofmann apparatus can be used to make a very accurate and rapid quantitative determination of the volumetric relationships of the gases generated. The electrodes are mounted on the sides here in order to ensure that they do not fall out. A smooth actuating three-way cock system is provided for oxygen and hydrogen detection. Similarly, the Faraday Laws can be studied and derived both qualitatively and quantitatively with precision.


01.01.10  Storage case

22.02.00  Inlay with cut-outs for apparatus, C4

22.03.00  2 Material sample carriers

22.04.00  2 Graphite electrodes with stoppers

06.05.00  Glass beaker

08.05.00  4 Couplings

06.06.00  Cover for holding electrodes

06.07.00  Zinc plate electrode, E1

06.08.00  2 Copper plate electrodes, E1

22.09.00  Aluminium plate electrode

22.10.00  Iron plate electrode, C4

22.11.00  Device to study the conductivity of solid substances

22.12.00  Material samples in container, C4

22.13.00  Ion migration device

22.14.00  10 DC foil strips in container

22.15.00  Three-way valve system in container

22.16.00  U-tube with support

22.17.00  Platinum electrode with stopper and blue connector jack

22.18.00  Platinum electrode with stopper and red connector jack

22.19.10  Hofmann apparatus

08.20.00  3 Experiment leads, 34 cm, blue

22.21.00  3 Experiment leads, 34 cm, red

06.23.00  Plug-in component with light bulb

Additionally required:

00.05.10  MKS 2.4 low-voltage power supply


00.05.20  MKS 3.1 low-voltage power supply

00.07.10  Multimeter AMM 3000

00.23.00  Universal stand

20.00.00  BASIC CHEMISTRY set C1

21.00.00  BASIC CHEMISTRY set C2


C4-1:     Electrical conductivity of solid substances

C4-2:     Electrical conductivity of pure liquid substances

C4-3:     Electrical conductivity of water-soluble solids

C4-4:     Electrical conductivity of liquid mixtures

C4-5:     Ion conductors

C4-6:     Galvanisation

C4-7:     Electrolysis

C4-8:     Visible ion conduction

C4-9:     Metals and metal ions

C4-10:   The electrochemical series

C4-11:   The voltaic cell

C4-12:   The Daniell cell

C4-13:   A Leclanché battery

C4-14:   A lemon battery

C4-15:   The rechargeable battery

C4-16:   Faraday’s First Law (1)

C4-17:   Faraday’s First Law (2)

C4-18:   Faraday’s Second Law