Electrochemistry for upper secondary level

With the MEKRUPHY ELECTROCHEMISTRY 2 experiment set, there is finally the ability to conduct age-oriented student experiments in electrochemistry for the upper secondary school level. It takes up major topics from ELECTROCHEMISTRY 1, consistently developing them further in advanced experiments. Students start, for example, from the no-load voltage of galvanic cells, and proceed in interesting measurement series from the investigation of the standard potential to the study of concentration cells and the development of the Nernst equation. The astonishingly simple design makes it possible for them to establish the normal potential on their own. It not only takes the place of a completely assembled and relatively expensive hydrogen electrode, but also makes the corresponding chemical processes even more transparent and comprehensible.

Compact design

The practical, stable beaker stand made of powder-coated aluminium can hold four 25-ml beakers and two 50-ml beakers simultaneously. Its centre of gravity is so low that it cannot fall over. Four small rubber feet provide additional security.


01.01.10  Storage case

24.02.00  Inlay with cut-outs for apparatus, C5

24.03.00  4 Glass beakers, 25 ml BORO

24.04.00  3 Glass beakers, 50 ml BORO

08.05.00  2 Couplings

24.05.00  Beaker stand

24.06.10  4 Holders for 1 electrode each

24.06.10  2 Holders for 2 electrodes each

24.06.30  1 Holder with graphite electrode

24.07.00  Zinc plate electrode, C5

20.08.00  Straight, blunt-ended tweezers

24.08.00  2 Copper plate electrodes, C5

24.09.00  2 Platinum plate electrodes

24.10.00  Iron plate electrode, C5

24.11.00  2 Silver plate electrodes

24.12.00  Zinc cylinder electrode

24.13.00  2 Graphite rod electrodes

24.14.00  Clay cylinder

24.15.00  Zinc rod electrode

24.16.00  Material samples in container, C5

24.17.00  Digital multimeter, C5

24.18.10  Pair of petri dishes, 60 mm diam.

43.18.00  Motor with propeller

24.19.00  100 Filter paper strips in box, C5

08.20.00  3 Experiment leads, 34 cm, blue

22.21.00  3 Experiment leads, 34 cm, red

24.21.00  Package abrasive pads in box

06.22.30  4 Alligator clips

Additionally required:

00.05.10  MKS 2.4 low-voltage power supply


00.05.20  MKS 3.1 Low-voltage power supply


C5-1:   Electrical conductivity

C5-2:   Redox series of metals

C5-3:   Reactivity of non-noble and noble metals

C5-4:   The Daniell cell

C5-5:   No-load voltage of various galvanic cells

C5-6:   Standard potentials of galvanic cells

C5-7:   Concentration cells 1

C5-8:   Concentration cells 2

C5-9:   Concentration cells 3

C5-10: Electrolysis 1

C5-11: Electrolysis 2

C5-12: Over-voltage

C5-13: Order of discharge of ions

C5-14: The Leclanché cell

C5-15: The lemon battery

C5-16: The rechargeable battery