Rubrik: Chemistry Accessories

Abrasive pads

Finishing pads of the appropriate hardness are particularly useful when cleaning metal and graphite electrodes. Unlike typical abrasive paper, these pads last considerably longer and do not tear. Moreover, they can also be moistened and, if necessary, used in combination with a cleaning agent. The plastic container contains five 75 x 50 mm pads.

Universal stand

The MEKRUPHY universal stand functions both as a tripod and retort stand. It can be dismantled and used in a variety of different configurations. It is usually kept ready assembled in the cupboard, but can also be stored in the smallest of spaces if need be.

The 8mm-thick steel base plate ensures that the stand remains stable even when loaded unevenly. It has a threaded hole into which a retort stand rod can be screwed. This can be extended using an additional rod as required. The stand ring with the wire mesh with integrated ceramic surface can be set to the desired height by adjusting the bosshead.

  • 00.23.10 Stand base
  • 00.23.20 Stand ring, 110 mm diam.
  • 00.23.30 Wire mesh with integrated ceramic surface
  • 00.23.40 3 Double bossheads
  • 01.18.00  Stand rod, 29 cm
  • 43.17.00  Stand rod, G3

PRECISION 500 digital scales  


The electronic weighing technology incorporated into the PRECISION 500 makes it possible to weigh up to 500 g with an accuracy of 0.1 g. The balance has a tare function and automatically switches off after 60 seconds. An AA battery is included.

  • Dimensions (closed): 127x87x21 mm 
  • Weighing pan: 63×41 mm 

Storage solution

The pH sensor is supplied with a bottle containing a special solution that is used for storing the electrode in. A 500 ml bottle of storage solution is available to top it up as necessary.

Cartridge Teclu burner 

Together with the appropriate gas cartridges, this portable, handy, lightweight and safe-to-operate Teclu burner leaves nothing to be desired. This configuration satisfies all of the safety requirements of DIN standard 30665 (DIN-DVGW reg. no. NG-2211 ASO473).

For first-time use: 

  • simply remove the valve protection cap from the cartridge
  • simply close the block valve by turning to the right
  • simply set the burner vertically down on top of the cartridge
  • simply screw the burner in place by turning it to the right
  • simply close the air regulation by turning it all the way to the left
  • simply open the block valve by turning gently to the left
  • ignite the burner
  • simply regulate the air

To dismantle:

after closing the block valve and allowing the burner to cool down, simply unscrew it by turning to the left. The safety valve of the cartridge closes automatically. 

Spare cartridge

The gas cartridges for the Teclu burner are not refillable. Easy-to-replace spare cartridges are available, however. They have an absolutely reliable safety valve.

  • Duration of burning under full load: 3 hours
  • Maximum temperature: 1400°C 

Magnetic stirrer

The housing of this robust and easy-to-operate magnetic stirrer is made of reinforced ABS plastic, which is resistant not only to many chemicals but also to the impacts and spills commonly experienced under everyday laboratory conditions. The stirrer has an electronic speed control. If a sample is accidentally removed before the device has been switched off, the system protects against uncontrolled acceleration.

  • Maximum speed: 1000 rpm