Rubrik: Chemistry Multimeter

Multimeter AMM 3000

The AMM 300 multimeter has been developed in-house by MEKRUPHY to meet the most extreme demands and is the logical successor to the AMM 2000 meter.

Analog rather than digital

  • A student who can read an analog dial can probably read a digital display as well. The reverse is not always true.
  • The scale is divided into separate areas by the needle, which makes ratios and reference points clear to see.

AMM 3000: Two devices in one

The MEKRUPHY AMM 3000 multimeter combines meter scales with the zero to the left and zero in the middle. Simply switching between the two scales automatically sets the needle to the right position.

AMM 3000: Uniform scale

On the basis of “less is more”, the large, wide-angle mirror scale has just two obvious and colour-coded scales: a single linear scale for AC and DC voltage, another single linear scale for both AC and DC but with the zero in the centre.

AMM 3000: Technical data

  • Principle: Moving coil system, class 2.5
  • Precision: 2.5 %
  • Input resistance: 0 MΩ
  • Overload protection: Electronic protection for all voltage ranges, power diodes and a fuse for all current ranges. The fuse can quickly be changed if necessary.
  • Battery: 9V block battery
  • Dimensions: 139 x 100 x 36 mm approx.
  • Weight: 266 g

Storage case

The AMM 3000 is also provided with a rugged but light polystyrene storage case which can accommodate up to 10 pieces of equipment.