Now with ultrasound

Normally a school would not be able to afford a set of Michelson laser interferometers for a whole class for financial reasons. However the MEKRUPHY INTERFEROMETER experiment set really is affordable for many schools, even for students to work in pairs.

In school experiments, ultrasound has advantages over laser light in that it is not only safer but, in particular, it allows for an extremely clear experiment set-up with highly comparable accuracy. In addition the students are not merely presented with a ready-built set-up, but must assemble and adjust the various components themselves. This makes both the experiment and the apparatus itself easier to understand.

The measuring amplifier in the central control unit makes it possible to obtain very distinct maxima and minima with dial positions on the analog meter separated by up to a third of the whole scale.

The role of a semi-transparent mirror is taken by a perforated slide which is optimised to the wavelength of the ultrasonic waves.


01.01.10  Storage case

52.02.00  Inlay with cut-outs for apparatus, IN

52.03.00  Control unit

52.04.00  Transmitter with parabolic fitting

52.05.00  Receiver with parabolic fitting

52.06.00  Base plate, IN

52.07.00  2 Fixed reflector plates

52.08.00  Movable reflector plate

52.09.00  Perforated aperture

52.10.00  2 Attachement arms

52.11.00  Screws in box, IN

06.24.10  Experiment lead, 25 cm, red

06.24.20  Experiment lead, 25 cm, blue

Additionally required:

00.07.10  Multimeter AMM 3000