Experiment set OPTICS 1


All experiments can be done in daylight

This experiment set not only makes all the basic student experiments in geometric optics easier but also quicker to perform than equivalent experiments demonstrated by teachers, without losing any precision. Thanks to the very bright halogen bulb, the experiments can even be done in daylight.

Precisely parallel light beams without any calibration

The handy and strong experiment lamp produces a precisely parallel beam of light as soon as it is turned on without any need to adjust it. The lamp should simply be placed on a bench or table, connected to a 12-V power supply and then it is ready for use in experiments.

The double U-shaped profile on the aluminium lamp housing allows slides with 1, 2, 3 or 5 slits to be inserted in order to obtain a suitable number of parallel “rays”. Similarly the three-colour filter produces a set of three parallel beams in the primary colours, red, green and blue.

No additional equipment required

This experiment set does not need an optical bench or platform or any other similar apparatus. The frosted acrylic disc with angle graduations, with its thoroughly scratch-proof screen printing, allows readings to be taken quickly and precisely. The halogen bulb has an extremely long lifespan. However, it can still be changed quickly and easily as necessary


01.01.10  Storage case

04.02.00  Inlay with cut-outs for apparatus, O1

04.03.00  Experiment lamp

04.04.10  Opaque aperture, O1

04.04.20  Aperture with single slit and double slit

04.04.30  Aperture with 3 and 5 slits

04.05.00  Plane mirror

04.06.10  Semi-cylindrical body

04.06.20  Trapezoidal body

04.06.30  90° prism

04.07.00  Coated plastic trough

04.08.10  2 Plano-convex lenses

04.08.20  Plano-concave lens

04.09.00  2 Experiment leads, 75 cm

04.10.00  Plane-/Concave mirror

04.11.00  Disc with angle graduations, O1

04.12.00  Three-colour filter

04.13.00  Subtractive filter, yellow

04.14.00  Subtractive filter, magenta

04.15.00  Subtractive filter, cyan

04.16.00  Crossing module

Additionally required:

00.05.10  Low voltage power supply MKS 2.4


00.05.20  Low voltage power supply MKS 3.1


O1-1:   Light beams and rays

O1-2:   Reflection from a plane mirror

O1-3:   Apparent location of a mirror image

O1-4:   Angled mirrors

O1-5:   Focal point of a concave mirror

O1-6:   Important rays for concave mirrors

O1-7:   Refraction of light

O1-8:   Parallel-sided blocks

O1-9:   Refractive index between air and water

O1-10: Critical angle for total internal reflection

O1-11: Total internal reflection in prisms

O1-12: Fibre optics

O1-13: Focal points of a convex lens

O1-14: Important rays for convex lenses

O1-15: Apparent focal points for a concave lens

O1-16: Combinations of lenses

O1-17: Dispersion of white light

O1-18: Additive mixing of colours

O1-19: Subtractive mixing of colours

O1-20: Crossing light beams