Experiment set OPTICS 2


Precise measurements

The OPTICS 2 experiment set includes equipment for image and shadow forming. The frames for the lenses and the concave mirror have the principal planes for the lenses or the tangent to the centre point of the mirror marked on them with dotted lines. This makes it possible to determine object and image distances to a precision of half a millimetre, a highly precise way of measuring.

The universal track is also used as an optical bench

The same profiled rail used as a track, a stand, an inclined plane and a sliding surface for friction experiments in the MECHANICS sets is used here as an optical bench. The start of the scale is about 15 cm in from the end of the rail so that that object to be imaged (slide) can be positioned directly over the zero mark. This makes for extra-easy measurement of object and image distances. The universal track is not included in the set.

Enormous savings in time

Savings in time needed for conducting experiments constitute another advantage of this set. If the experiment lamp from the OPTICS 1 set is attached to the standardised stand rod, then it is immediately adjusted to the correct height as soon as it is snapped into place. Lens holders and screens are simply plugged into the corresponding riders, which can easily slide up and down the track and then be fixed in place.


01.01.10  Storage case

05.02.00  Inlay with cut-outs for apparatus, O2

05.03.00  Stand rod, 10 cm

05.04.50  White screen with scale

05.05.00  Transparent screen

05.06.00  Lense, + 50, in holder

05.07.00  Lense, + 100, in holder

05.08.00  Lense, + 300, in holder

05.09.00  Lense, – 100 in lens holder

05.10.00  Concave mirror in holder

05.11.00  Simple lens holder

05.12.00  Lense holder with slide holder

05.13.00  Threaded rod

05.14.00  F-shaped aperture

05.14.10  Aperture with 4-mm hole

05.14.20  Aperture with 2-mm hole

05.14.30  Aperture with 1-mm hole

05.14.40  Aperture with square hole

05.15.00  2 Simple riders

05.16.00  Rider with slot

05.17.00  Lamp block 02.23.00  Rider with screw

Additionally required:

04.00.00 Experiment set OPTICS 1

00.02.10 Universal track

00.05.10 Low voltage power supply MKS 2.4


00.05.20 Low voltage power supply MKS 3.1


O2-1:   Formation of shadows

O2-2:   Pinhole cameras

O2-3:   Virtual and real images from  a concave mirror

O2-4:   Real images from a converging lens

O2-5:   Magnifying glasses

O2-6:   Microscopes

O2-7:   Astronomical telescopes

O2-8:   Galileo telescopes

O2-9:   Reflecting telescopes

O2-10: Eye defects

O2-11: Stereoscopic vision