Experiment set OPTICS 3


Hollow prism and raindrop model

The OPTICS 3 experiment set, like its sister set OPTICS 2, includes equipment for image and shadow forming, but also allows for additional experiments on prism spectra and rainbows. The frames for the lenses and the concave mirror have the principal planes for the lenses or the tangent to the centre point of the mirror marked on them with dotted lines. This means all the distances can be easily measured to an accuracy of half a millimetre.

A hollow prism filled with water enables a fabulous spectrum to be generated. If the red line is blocked off and sugar is stirred into the water, it is possible to investigate how the refractive index of the prism depends on the concentration of sugar. Another impressive experiment is to create a rainbow with the help of the raindrop model filled with water.

The universal track is also used as an optical bench

The same profiled rail used as a track, a stand, an inclined plane and a sliding surface for friction experiments in the MECHANICS sets is used here as an optical bench. The start of the scale is about 15 cm in from the end of the rail so that that object to be imaged (slide) can be positioned directly over the zero mark. This makes for extra-easy measurement of object and image distances. The universal track is not included in the set.

Enhancement with wave optics

The OPTICS 3 experiment set can also be enhanced easily by the OPTICS 3 plus set. All that needs to be done is to remove the cover exposing the storage slits which accommodate the diffraction and polarisation components.


01.01.10  Storage case

05.02.50  Inlay with cut-outs for apparatus, O+

05.02.60  Cover element

05.03.00  Stand rod, 10 cm

05.04.50  White screen with scale

05.05.00  Transparent screen

05.06.00  Lense, + 50, in holder

05.07.00  Lense, + 100, in holder

20.07.00  Spatula

05.08.00  Lense, + 300, in holder

05.09.00  Lense, – 100, in lens holder

05.10.00  Concave mirror in holder

05.11.00  Simple lens holder

05.12.00  Lense holder with slide holder

05.13.00  Threaded rod

05.14.00  F-shaped aperture

05.14.10  Aperture with 4-mm hole

05.14.20  Aperture with 2-mm hole

05.14.30  Aperture with 1-mm hole

05.14.40  Aperture with square hole

05.15.00  2 Simple riders

05.16.00  Rider with slot

05.17.00  Lamp block

05.21.00  Red filter in holder

05.22.00  Slit aperture

02.23.00  Rider with screw

05.24.00  Raindrop model

05.25.00  Hollow prism

05.26.00  Platform

Additionally required:

04.00.00 Experiment set OPTICS 1

00.02.10 Universal track

00.05.10 Low voltage power supply MKS 2.4


00.05.20 Low voltage power supply MKS 3.1


O3-1:   Formation of shadows

O3-2:   Pinhole cameras

O3-3:   Virtual and real images from a concave mirror

O3-4:   Real images from a converging lens

O3-5:   Magnifying glasses

O3-6:   Microscopes

O3-7:   Astronomical telescopes

O3-8:   Galileo telescopes

O3-9:   Reflecting telescopes

O3-10: Eye defects

O3-11: Stereoscopic vision

O3-12: Spectrum produced by a prism

O3-13: Concentration of a sugar solution

O3-14: Rainbows