Simulation experiment on the Greenhouse Effect

MEKRUPHY GmbH has developed a convincing experiment on this current topic, which is best carried out collaboratively in conjunction with the ENERGY experiment set.

Both groups precisely heat 40 ml of water in the calorimeter for exactly 3 minutes using the radiator. The distance between the radiator and the top of the calorimeter must be reproducible with great accuracy, for example, 8.5 cm. One of the two groups covers the calorimeter with a 10 mm thick acrylic glass plate. Both groups show the same temperature increase with a deviation of no more than 0.1 K.

Next, the radiator is swung aside and turned off. Allowing the water to cool in this way, with the calorimeter open, its temperature returns to the starting value in about 25% minutes, while with the calorimeter covered, the temperature drops by a maximum of 0.1 K in the same time and generally remains unchanged.

For easy storage and quick provision of the calorimeter and acrylic glass plate, a storage box is provided that can hold an eightfold supply.

23.15.00  Calorimeter

00.11.10   Acrylic glass plate

01.01.10   Storage box

00.11.20  Inlay with cut-outs

Experiment set Greenhouse Effect
Expansion experiment set GREENHOUSE EFFECT